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Recommended CD Releases

This page contains some recommendations for CD releases between the years 2000 and 2010. 
The Soul of the Net is now on archive format, and not updated anymore.
Mouthwatering soul CDs containing rereleased and unreleased archive material continue to be issued every week.
Here are some of my favorite reissue labels, go to their site and check out their great releases.
Ace/Kent Records
Soulscape Records
Numero Records
For full scale reviews of earlier releases, see also reviews page.

various artists – Northern Soul's Guilty Secrets (Kent UK)  

A compilation of realtively obscure Pop / Blue eyed soul Northern Soul

various artists - The Stars of Fame (Kent UK vinyl EP)

A preview for a future CD by Kent featuring unreleased material from the vautls of Fame, this EP features George Jackson, Ben & Spence, Jimmy Hughes and The C&C Boys (aka Clarence and Calvin).s

Ted Taylor – Keep What You Get (Kent UK)  

Rare and unrelased Ronn Material.s

The Goodies – Condition Red (Kent UK)  

Stax's own girl group, recorded for the Stax pop subsidiary Hip, by Hayes/Porter and Don Davis among others.

Jimmy Hughes – Something Extra Special: The Complete Volt Recordings 1968-1971 (Kent UK) 

The Volt album Something Special + 14 unreleased tracks

Spencer Wiggins – Feed The Flame: The Fame and XL Recordings (Kent UK)  

Alice Clarke – The Complete Studio Recordings 1968-1972 (Kent UK) 

Various artists – Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Vol. 4 (Kent UK) 

Freddie Hughes – Send My Baby Back (Kent UK) 

1968 album + unissued bonus tracks

Vicky Anderson – Wide Awake In A Dream: James Brown Productions from the Pre Funk Years (Kent UK) 

Various Artists – Steppin' Stone: The Sounds of Memphis/XL Story vol. 3 (Kent UK) 

Various Artists – The Goldwax Story vol. 3 (Kent UK) 

By contrast to the Goldwax Singles volumes, this volume comprises mainly of unreleased material.

Various Artists – The Van McCoy Songbook (Kent UK) 

A compilaiton of recordings of Van McCoy compositions

Various artists - Double Cookin': Classic Northern Soul Instrumentals (Kent UK) 

Jimmy Hughes – Why Not Tonight: The Fame Recordings Vol.  2 (Kent UK) 

Lou Johnson – Incomparable Soul Vocalist (Kent UK) 

various artists - The Complete Goldwax Singles Vol. 2 1967-1970 (Kent UK) 

Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames - Mod Classics 1964-1966 (Kent UK) 

various artists - Mr. Success: The Bert Berns Story vol. 2 1964-1967 (Kent UK) 

More Bert Berns compositions

George Jackson  - In Memphis 1972 - 1977 (Kent UK) 

Tracks recorded in Memphis by George Jackson as a vocalist during this period, released on Hi, MGM, Chess and ER.

various artists - Birth of Soul  - Special Chicago Edition (Kent UK) 

A special edition in this early soul series dedicated to the Windy City

Jimmy Hughes - Steal Away: The Early Fame Recordings (Kent UK)  

At long last, the rights to the Fame masters have been settled, so this is the first of several expected releases of Jimmu Hughes's output on 45s and LPs.

various artists - The Complete Goldwax Singles Vol. 2 1966-1967s (Kent UK)

Jackie Lee - The Mirwood Masters (Kent UK) 

Sugar Pie DeSanto - Go Go Power - The Complete Chess Singles 1961-1966 (Kent UK) 

various artists - The Complete Goldwax Singles Vol. 1 1962-1966 (Kent UK) 

A sides and B sides galore 

various artists - Goldwax Northern Soul (Kent UK) 

Bona fide northern soul from southern USA - soul inspired by big city styles as opposed to the local Memphis Sounds

various artists - Memphis 60 (Kent UK) 

A sort of reverse sequel to Memphis 70, this compiation is dedicated to some relateively unknown tracks created in Memphis in the 1960's, a few ofs which has never been released on CD,  including some small label relases as well as Stax and Goldwax forgotten A and B sides and an unreleased track intended for an XL release by William Bollinger.

1. The Hawg Pt 1 - Eddie Kirk
2. The Spoiler - Eddie Purrell
3. I Won’t Cheat On You No More - Willie Walker
4. Double Up - L.H. And The Memphis Sounds
5. I Don’t Know - The Dixie Nightingales
6. She’s Fine She’s Mine (You Don’t Love Me) -Willie Cobbs
7. I’m Going Home - Prince Conley
8. Let The Best Man Win - Unknown
9. Tram? - Junior Kimbell
10. Blue Groove - Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads
11. Assassination - The Dixie Nightingales
12. . When My Love Comes Down (Alt) - Ruby Johnson
13. Man About The House - Barbara Brown
14. Ticket To Ride - Willie Walker
15. Shake Shake Shake - Willie Bollinger
16. Soul City Usa - Spencer Wiggins
17. Restless - The Cobras
18. She’s About A Mover - Percy Millem
19. Nothing But The Truth - Ann Hodge
20. So Hard To Get Along - The Lyrics

various artists – The Real Thing: The Songs of Ashford Simpson & Armstead (Kent UK)



A writing-team based compliation showcasing some of their great songs.


Are You Trying to Get Rid of Me Baby - The Crystals

Too Hot To Hold - Betty Everett

Look Away - The Shirelle

Love Ain't What It Used to Be - The Diplomat

Same Old Feeling - Jo Ann & Troy

You're in Love - Maxine Brown

Only Your Love Can Save Me - Betty LaVette

Baby I'll Come - Mary Love

Cry Like a Baby - Aretha Franklin

I'm Satisfied - Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown

Dance Children Dance - Mary Love

You're Absolutely Right - Tina Britt

Mr. Creator - The Apollas

Looky, Looky (What I Got) - Candy & The Kisses

Never Had It So Good - BJ Thomas

The Shoe Won't Fit - Betty Everett

The Real Thing - The Chiffons

Smokie Joe's - The Jewels

Say It Again - Marie Knight

Please Little Angels - Doris Troy

I Saw Pity In the Face of a Friend - Ronnie Milsap

Running Out - Vernon Garrett

Let's Go Get Stoned - The Coasters

I Don't Need No Doctor - Sandy Nelson

Ella Washington – He Called Me Baby (SoulscapeUK)

Ella Washington's recordings for Sound Stage 7 have been available before on CD, on "Starving for Love" (Orpheus

Records). Most of her issued tracks appear in both the former CD and the current one; however this release is supplemented by liner notes by John Ridley, as well as several previously unreleased tracks, two good reasons to get it even if you own the aforementioned earlier compilation.

James Brown – The Singles, vols 1- 6 (Hip-O Select US)
Well researched series containing all of James Brown single releases, complete with booklets containing recording session details and personnel for each track.

Jimmy Hughes – The Best Of (Fame US)
At long last, a CD reissue of the great Jimmy Hughes's Fame recordings, issues by none other than Fame itself – Rick Hall's productions are reissued by his son Rodney.
18 tracks in all – containing most, but not all, of Jimmy's tracks released on 45's, as well as one album-only track (his interpretation of "Stormy Monday blues", which was included in the Vee-Jay released, Fame recorded Steal Away album), and one previously unreleased track, "Too much".  Some requests for vol. 2 – or a more rarity oriented compilation – his renditions of "You really know how to hurt a guy", "I stand accused", and "Slippin' around" (single B side, album track and unreleased track respectively), as well "It's a good thing", a somewhat poppish mid pacer which could be of interest to Northern Soul fans.

Roscoe Robinson – Why Must It End (Soulscape UK)
A first compilation of recordings by Roscoe Robinson, one of soul music's greatest voices. Includes material from the Gerri and Sound Stage 7 labels – but not from Wand. Not a complete collection – there is enough for vol. 2, which is planned.

various artists – J&S Harlem Soul (Kent UK)
Tracks from J&S and affiliated New York City labels Sprout and Zell's. Clarence Ashe is the most well known artist here. His SOTN favorite "Dancing in a dream world", however, gets a different interpretation in this collection by labels mates Jimmy & Arthur.

various artists – Take Me to the River: A Southern Soul Story 1961-1977
A three disc box with a comprehensive booklet, showcasing by chronological order some of the best moments of southern soul. Not a lot of surprises here for the southern soul connoisseur, but this box would make a great gift for someone you wish to introduce to this wonderful genre o f music.

Fantastic Johnny C - The Phil-L.A of Soul Singles Collection 1968-1972 (Jamie US)
Cliff Nobles - The Phil-L.A of Soul Singles Collection 1968-1972 (Jamie US)
One of these days I must get my information straight abouts Cliff Nobles and Co./Fantastic Johnny C/the James Boys, the releases of which all share a set of strong instrumental backing tracks, some which, as instrumentals, featured animal titles, probably indicating dance variations - the Horse, the Camel, and the Mule, and produced by Jesse James; in any case, here are two releases that showcase this material. The Cliff Nobles album contains just 11 tracks plus a stereo version of "The Horse", not totally overlapping the "The Horse" album.

various artists - The Birmingham Sound: The Lost Soul of Neal Hemphill, vol. 1 (Rabbit Factory US)
various artists - The Birmingham Sound: The Lost Soul of Neal Hemphill, vol. 2 (Rabbit Factory US)
70's southern soul from Atlanta, produced by Neal Hemphill. Include tracks by Frederick Knight, Ralph Soul Jackson, Roscoe Robinson, Sam Dees, and Wes Lewis, whose "The best of my years", featured in vol. 2 is one of my favorite 70's deep soul tracks.

Sam Baker - I Believe in You (Soulscape UK)
A compilation of the prolific, if not spectacular, output of Sam Baker on the Sound Stage 7 label.

Barbara Lynn - The Jamie Singles Collection 1962-1965 (Jamie US)
32 tracks, covering all Jamie 45's released between 1962 and 1965, and a couple of previously unreleased tracks.

Roy Hamilton - Tore Up (Shout UK)
A compilation covering the soul era of Roy Hamilton (recordings for AGP, made with Chips Moman, and RCA), including the Northern Soul biggie Crackin' up over you.

Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon - Breakin' Down the Walls of Heartache (Kent UK)
Late 60's and early s70's tracks from Johnny Johnson and his group, who were an American group but is more often associated with the British soul scene, after achieving a (deservedly so) big hit in the UK charts with the title track of this CD, and subsequently relocating to Britain.

various artists - J&S Harlem Soul (Kent UK)
The J&S label had one appearance on the Soul of the Net so far - Clarence Ashe's deep gem, Dancing in a dream world was featured on the 'Living Room Top 40'. Another J&S record I love is the Gilettes - Same identical thing, an R&B number that chugs along very well. The most well known track on this compilation to Northern Soul crowd is undoubtedly Johnnie & Joe's Let your mind do the walking; but both of my aforementioned favourites are son this volume; a volume two is hopefully on Kent's roadmap.

First formal release of 12 tracks recorded by Little Willie John in 1966 for Capitol, including 6 alternate versions. Little Willie John never made it to the soul era, due to the prison sentence and subsequent death in 1968, but this album provided a glimpse of what he would have sounded like in the prime of the soul era.s

various artists - s Take Me to the River: A Southern Soul Story 1961 - 1977 (Kent UK, 3 CD box)
A box set dedicated to 60's and early to mid 70's southern soul, containing some of the genre's most notable ballads and midtempo tracks, while trying to make a compromise between the well known to the mildly obscure. Not much here by way of surprises to well versed fans of this music, but the mix is interesting enough and not totally predictable. It would make a nice gift for someone who you would like to convert to soul.

Garland Green - The Very Best of (Kent UK)
Contains several of the best track of his Uni LP Jealous Kind of Fellow, as well as subsequent 1970's recordings on other labels.

The Vibrations - The Okeh and Epic Singles 1963 - 1968 (Kent UK)
The only Vibrations CD I had until now was a compilation on Marginal which looked like a pretty coincidental pick of their recordings with no liner notes at all. As usual Kent CD provide great sound quality and abundant information, however this one lacks my favorite Vibrations track, their frenetic take on "One mint julep". Apparently it was am album track, and never released as a single in the US.

Joe Tex's early recordings for King, Ace (MS), Anna, Checker and Dial.

Joe Tex -First on the Dial(Shout UK)
A compilation of Dial recordings by Joe Tex, spanning 1961 to 1967, most of which predate his first chart hit, Hold what you've got, as well as his first Atlantic album.

Judy Clay, Veda Brown - The Stax Solo Recordings (Kent UK)
Stax recordings (from the 'ysellow period') by Veda Brown and Soul of the Net favorite Judy Clay

various artists - The Godfather's R&B: James Brown productions  (Kent UK)
James Brown productions from the mid 60's, with emphasis on R&B 'new breed' style recordings.

various artists - Eccentric Soul: The Tragar and Note labels  (Numero UK)
Material from these Atlanta labels that operated between 1968 and 1977.

Not the "Shades of a Genius" album, but a collection of all A sides and several B sides from she released for Chess.

various artists - In the Naked City (Kent UK)
A theme compilation, containing songs that relate to big city life. Consequently, the music is mostly uptown soul, with a solid representation of New York City recordings.

various artists - Northern Soul Classiest Rarities vol. 3 (Kent UK)

vol. 3 in this above-average series of relatively rare Northern Soul tracks

various artists - Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts Of Deep City (Numero US)

Sequel to 2006's Eccentric Soul Vol. 7, The Deep City Label, this album contains unreleased Florida masters by Clarence Reid, Betty Wright, and Helene Smith among others.

various artists - New Breed R&B with Added Popcorn (Kent UK)

A mix of R&B tinged recordings and tracks appropriate to the Popcorn scene, the Belgian equivalent to Northern Soul.

various artists - The Jerry Ragovoy Story (Kent UK)

Following the Bert Berns Story, Kent come up with a compilation of tracks related to another legendary New York producer.

Compared to Berns productions, Ragovoy's were a little less subtle and more dramatic - think of Stay With Me by Lorraine Ellison or Cry baby by Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters.

various artists - Memphis 70   - BGP (UK)

Subtitled: the city's funk and soul in decade after Otis: 1968 - 1978. Includes several unreleased tracks from the vaults of Sounds of Memphis.

various artists - Can't be Satisfied: The XL and Sounds of Memphis Story (Kent UK)

various artists - Play the Game: The XL and Sounds of Memphis Story Vol. 2 (Kent UK)

Volumes one and two containing 70's southern soul recordings of the XL and Sound of Memphis labels. While the BGP release concentrates on the funky side of things, these two volumes showcase the deep and midtempo tracks.

Luther Ingram - I Don't Want To Be Right: The KoKo Singles Vol. 2 (Kent UK)

The second volume of Luther Ingram's KoKo singles, covering the period form 1971 to 1978.

various artists - Twist and Shout: The Bert Berns Story vol. 1

A compilation of recordings written and/or produced by the legendary New York producer

Bill Brandon - On the Rainbow Road (Soulscape UK)

Tony Borders - Cheaters Never Win (Soulscape UK)

New Soulscape label kicks off with comprehensive compilations by the two Quinvy based artists.

The Tempests - Would You Believe (Poker UK)

At long last, the Tempests' original Smash album reissued on CD, with four bonus 45-only tracks. The Tempests were a band - rather than a vocal group, fronted by the very soulful Hazel Martin.

various artists - Eccentric Soul: The Prix Labe (Numero US)

A compilation consisting mainly of demos and unreleased tracks recorded at the Harmonic Sounds studio.

Billy Butler - The Right Track - The Complete Okeh Recordings 1963-1966 (Kent UK)

For the Northern Soul crowd, Jerry's kid brother may be the better known of the two. This compliation contains the best of his Okeh recordings, including 8 unreleased tracks /alternative takes.

Luther Ingram - Pity for the Lonely - The Ko Ko Singles Vol. 1 (Kent UK)

A and B side of the great Luther Ingram's ten first Ko Ko singles. Somewhat overlapping with his first Ko Ko album, "I've Been Here All the Time", but with enough interest to justify some duplication, including the first 1966 single, with the original version of "I can't stop".

Thelma Jones - Second Chance - The Complete Barry and Columbia Recordings (Kent UK)

Thelma Jones had two recording periods - the first, from 1966 to 1968 on Barry; and the second, exactly ten years later, from 1976 to 1979, on Columbia.

Her first release, "Never leave me" entered the lower end of the R&B charts, reaching Billborad R&B #49; it's flip side was Stronger, a classic dance tune. Another claim to fame for Thelma was recording the original version of "The house that Jack built", covered by Aretha a few months after Thelma's release.

Barbara & the Browns - Can't Find Happiness: The Sounds of Memphis Recordings (Kent UK)

The title may be a bit misleading - this compilation is not restricted to the handful of records they released on the Sounds of Memphis label in the early 70's, but actually covers their whole recording career, the reason being that all of the records where produced by the Sounds of Memphis producers, but leased to a variety of labels - including among others Stax, Atco and Cadet. It's not a coincidence that the recordings found their way to such leading soul music labels of the day - their quality was invariably excellent. Somehow the records did not become hits, but now is the time to put this right - in my book this should be the top CD of 2007 worldwide.... not to mention that the tracks are all cut from master tapes, and that there is some previously unreleased material included.

Aretha Franklin - Rare and Unreleased Recordings from the Golden Reign of the Queen of Soul (Rhino US)
Unreleased recordings and outtakes from her classic Atlantic days, spanning 1966 to 1973.

Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band - My Bombers My Dexy's My Highs: The Sixties Studio Sessions CD (Sequel UK) (double CD)

Not a new release, but I missed it the first time around - Geno was not a great soul vocalist - that's accepted by most people, including his fans and Geno himself - but his studio recordings do more justice to his voice than his live performances on his cult live albums, and the backing tracks on this album are also generally of fine quality.

Various artists - Cult Cargo - Grand Bhama Goombay (Numero US)

From the vaults of the GBI label, out of Freport, 1969-1976

various artists - Eccentric Soul - Twinight's Lunar Rotation (Numero US) (double CD)

Ten year after Kent first dipped into the vaults of this Chicago label, with "Twinight's Chicago Soul Heaven", Numero dig a little deeper and come up with a double CD.

various artists - Macon Soul Soup - (Grapevine UK)

From the Jarval and Stone vaults

Various artists – For Dancers Always (Kent UK)

Various artists – For Dancers Also (Kent UK)

On their 25th anniversary, Kent are re-releasing a couple of their first ever vinyl compilations, by now as legendary as he original 45s, vinyl compilations (well, almost). These two 1982 compilations happened to be drawn out of the Kent (US) catalog.

Various artists – Birth of Soul vol. 4 (Kent UK)

After a few year's break in this series, a new volume appears, with lots of group and harmony sounds, mainly from the early 60's.

Danny White - Natural Soul Brother: The Frisco Recordings And More 1963-1968 (Kent UK)

Finally, a CD release for this magnificent New Orleans singer.

Dyke & the Blazers – We Got More Soul (Kent UK, double CD)

Dyke & the Blazers had already had a CD release on Kent, "So Sharp", but this time around it's a double CD with several previously unreleased tracks.

The Ikettes - Can't Sit Down...'Cos It Feels So Good!: The Complete Modern Recordings (Kent UK)

Like in the case of Dyke & the Blazers, Ike and Tina's turner's vocal backing group already had a CD compilation on Kent. This volume is rather similar, but has a few extra tracks.

Various artists – Northern Monsters (Kent UK)

A compilation of northern classics, monsters indeed, some very (too?) well known, others more interesting.

Various artists – Change Is Gonna Come: The Voice Of Black America 1963-1973 (Kent UK)

A compilation of political, protest soul music from the 60's and early 70's (but where is Sock it to 'em Soul Brother, or Say it Loud I'm Black and I'm Proud – obviously reserved for a second volume).

Various artists – Hitsville West: San Francisco's Uptown Soul (Kent UK)

Various artists - The Uplook Records Story - Vintage Soul From Philadelphia (Grapevine UK)

A compilation of mid 60's Philly releases on the Uplook label, where, .among others, Teddy Pendergrass started out.

Crescent City Soul Patrol - 22 Dancefloor Sounds from New Orleans (Grapevine UK)

Relatively rare New Orleans uptempo and midtempo danceable soul – well recommended!

Various Artsits - The Soul of Money Records vol. 2 (Kent UK)

Around four years after the first volumes, comes the sequel compilation of recordings on Money, the label known to many as Betty Swann's label, but featuring many other fine talents.

Can't Say No - The M-Ms & The Peanuts / Too Late Now - The Mysteries / Strange Things Are Happening To Me - Eric Williams / Living A Lie - Bobby Angelle / Love Insurance - Henry Strogin / The Dance Is Over - Bettye Swann / That Old Neighbourhood - Eric Williams / Lost My Love Yesterday - The Larks / Beware - Toni & The Showmen / Ain't That Kinda Sad - Question Marks / I Love My Baby - Tommy & Eddie / I Wanna Go Back Home - Bobby Angelle / Wrapped Up Tight - Delilah Moore / You Bet I Would - Pat Livingston / Tam-A-Rind - Hank Jacobs & The Tkos / The Man That Said No - Bettye Swann / I'll Be A Soldier Boy - Bobby Angelle / My Belief - The M-Ms & The Peanuts / Should I Take A Chance - Ted Walters / The Ducks - The Larks / Pounding - Lee Maye / I Thought It Over - Gwenn Stewart / Losing You - Eddie Horan / Please Take Me Back - Bobby Angelle

Various artists - More Perfect Harmony - Sweet Soul Groups 1967-1975 (Kent UK)

Not related to a specific label, but an eclectic compilation of group harmony soul , again featuring some tracks that were not released at the time of their recording.

Lorraine Ellison - Sister Love (Rhino Handmade US)

A three CD set of the complete Warner Bros. recordings, plus several unreleased demos.

Fabulous Peps - Detroit Michigan (Soul-Tay-Shus US)

Discover the non-northern soul sides of this Detroit group. Recordings span the years 1964 to 1968.

Five Du-Tones - Shake a Tail Feather (Shout UK)

Some, but not all, of the recordings by this Chicago group for the One-derful group of labels have been available on several compilations dedicated to these labels. However, this is the first time all of the group's output for the label is packaged together.

Roscoe Robinson - Heavenly Soul Music: The Jewel/Paula recordings (P-Vine Japan)

After having records released on Wand, Sound Stage 7, Gerri, Atlantic and Fame, the great Roscoe Robinson recorded six 45's for Paula, during 1971 to 1973.

These 12 sides are included in this CD, as well as a Gospel album recorded for Jewel in 1973, and the two sides of his biggest 45, That's enough/One more time.

various artists - Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg (Numero US)

A compilation of California recorded sides spanning 1962 to 1971, produced by 'Mighty' Mike Lenaburg, mostly in an uptempo/funky style.

various artists - Beat Ballad Heaven (Goldmine UK)

A compilation dedicated to uptempo ballads and downtempo dancers, mainly of the uptown / big city genre.

various artists - Northern Soul... Rare As Hen's Teeth (Goldmine UK)

A compilation of rare - and high priced - northern soul records, continuing the tradition of the "For Millionaires Only" series.

Northern Soul Southern Style (Goldime UK)

A compilation of - rather obscure - northern soul tracks recorded in the Southern US states.

Various artists - Atlantic Unearthed: Soul Brothers (Atlantic/Rhino UK)

Various artists - Atlantic Unearthed: Soul Sisters (Atlantic/Rhino UK)

16 tracks on each of these albums, some previously unreleased, some released but relatively unknown. Alas, the famous fire that destroyed Atlantic's master warehouse in the 70's destroyed all of its 60's unreleased masters, so most unreleased material here is from the 70s.

Bill Coday - Right On Baby - The Crajon Recordings (P-Vine Japan)

The Willie Mitchell produced sides cut for Crajon (Denise LaSalle owned label) by this top notch singer.

Fontella Bass - The Very Best of (Chess UK)

Laura Lee - The Very Best of (Chess UK)

These two great soul ladies have had their recordings issued on CD before, but these are two good compilations of their material recorded for the Chess group.

Tina Britt - Blue All the Way (Stateside UK)

A reissue of the Minit album by Ms. Britt plus several 45-only sides and some previously unreleased material. There's more to Tina than "The Real Thing".

Various artists - Dave Hamilton's Detroit Funk (Beat Goes Public, UK)

Foillowing Kent's series of Dave Hamilton's produced northern soul tracks, Ace moves to subsidiary Beat Goes Public for hits release of a compilation of 20 tracks from the funkier side of Dave Hamilton's legacy .

various artists - Southern Fried Funk - 22 Funky Soul Grooves From New Orleans and the Deep South (Grapevine UK)

A New Orleans funky soul compilation -a mix of hits and obscurities.

Track list: Allen Toussaint - Get Out Of My Life Woman / Lee Dorsey - Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On) / Warren Lee - Underdog Backstreet / Eldridge Holmes - Pop, Popcorn Children /Z. Z. Hill - It's A Hang Up Baby / Tony Borders - Lonely Weekend / Eldridge Holmes - The Book / Diamond Joe - The ABC Song /Ted Ford - Real Soul / Tony Borders - High On The Hog / David Batiste & The Gladiators - Funky Soul (Parts 1 & 2) / Chuck Carbo & The Soul Finders - Can I Be Your Squeeze / Z. Z. Hill - I Think I'd Do It / Betty Adams - Make It Real (Ride On) / David Batiste & The Gladiators - Funky Hips (Part 1 & 2) / The Explosions with Juanita Brooks - Garden Of Four Trees / David Robinson - I'm a Carpenter (Part 1) / David Robinson - I'm a Carpenter (Part 2) / Eddie Bradford - Can You Handle It / Jewel Bass - I Tried and I Liked It / The Basic - Milk / Eddie Bradford - You Made Your Bed

Various artists - The Mirwood Soul Story vol. 2 (Kent UK)

A follow up compilation of Mirwood recording, including some northern soul evergreens that were omitted from vol. 1, but unlike vol 1, the sequel presents a wider stylistic range, and features some of label's ballad recordings.

Track list: 1. The Duck-Jackie Lee 2. Dancin' Everywhere-Bob & Earl 3. Mine Exclusively-The Olympics 4. He's Alright With Me-The Mirettes 5. Cigarette Ashes-Jimmy Conwell 6. Would You Believe-Jackie Lee 7. The Day When She Needed Me-The Performers 8. Second Hand Happiness-Jimmy Conwell 9. Big Brother-Bobby Garrett 10. Baby, It's Real-JW Alexander 11. Sweet Kind Of Loneliness-The Darlettes 12. Jolly Joe-The Hideaways 13. I Wanna Do Everything For You Baby-The Mirettes 14. Secret Agents-The Olympics 15. How Do You Like It-The Sheppards 16. Trust Me-Jackie Lee 17. Could It Be-Richard Temple 18. Baby, I'm Satisfied-Jackie Lee & Delores Hall 19. You Hurt Me-Bobbie Lee Timberlake 20. Cupid's Got A Hold On Me-The Belles 21. L.A. Stomp-The Performers 22. Boo-Ga-Loo-Party-Joe Swift's Internationals 23. Your P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-I-T-Y-Jackie Lee 24. My Little Girl-Bob & Earl Band

Various artists - For Connoisseurs Only - vol. 2 (Kent UK)

Second volume in this Northern Soul series, taken from the catalogue of the US Kent/Modern labels, including several unreleased recordings.

various artists - Lou Beatty's Detroit Soul (Grapevine UK)

Nothern soul oriented Detroit Soul compilation from the vaults of La Beat - featuring the early part of the Masqueraders career (already available on the Masqueraders Unmasked CD), a few well known Northern Soul dancefloor hits and a few lesser known gems.

Track list: Edward Hamilton - I'm Gonna Love You / The Masqueraders - How / Lou Beatty - A Wet Pillow / Edward Hamilton & The Natural Looks - My Darling Baby / Don Hart & James Shorter - All The Love I Got / Nelson Sanders - The Love Is Here To Stay / The Masqueraders - I Got The Power / Don Hart - I'll Keep Holding On / James Shorter - Modern Day Woman / Al Williams - I Am Nothing / Lester Tipton - This Won't Change / Edward Hamilton & The Arabians - Thank You Mother / Clifford Binns - Take It From Me / Nelson Sanders - I'm Lonely / The LPT's - I Am Nothing (Instrumental) / James Shorter - Ready For The Heartbreak / Clifford Binns - You Got To Help Me / Al Williams - Try Them / Don Hart & James Shorter - It's In My Mind / Lou Beatty - A Family / Nelson Sanders - Mojo Man / The Masqueraders - I'm Gonna Make It / Al Williams - She Does It / Don Hart - I Can Make It / Edward Hamilton - Call Me / The LPT's - Long Cool Summer / Nelson Sanders - Tired Of Being Your Fool / Al Williams - Brand New Love / Edward Hamilton & The Arabians - Baby Don't You Weep / The Masqueraders - Be Happy For Me

various artists - Confessing: Deep Soul from New Orleans (Grapevine UK)

When we think of New Orleans Soul, funkier soul may come to mind before deep soul, but the same little twist that makes the faster soul sides of New Orleans so attractive, makes the deep soul side of this recently troubled town one of the peaks of soul music. This compilation includes the best deep soul sides by the likes of Betty Harris, Zilla Mayes

Track list: Joe Haywood - Say You Will / Marilyn Barbarin - Believe Me / Ernie K-Doe - You Got To Love Me / Calvin Lee - Love Is Like Fire / James K-Nine - Counting Teardrops / Diamond Joe - Don't Set Me Back / Inell Young - His Love For Me / Earl King - A Part Of me / Betty Harris - Can't Last Much Longer / Richard Caiton - Without Your Love / Herculoids - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby / Tony Owens - Confessin' A Feelin' / Ray Algere - You're Driving Me Crazy / Philharmonics - Will You Marry Me Girl / David Robinson - I Care For You / C.P. Love - You Call The Shots / Little Johnny Williams - A House Ain't A Home / Eldridge Holmes - Now That I've Lost You / Zilla Mayes - I Love You Still / God's Gift To Women - Stop To Think It Over

Anna King - Back to Soul (Shout UK)

A straight reissue of her 1964 album on Smash, produced by James Brown.

Joe Hinton - Funny (How Time Slips Away) (Shout UK)

First CD compilation for this fine singer - though due to licensing issues, it contains only material contained on his two albums - Backbeat's Funny How Time Slips Away (1964), and a posthumous album released in the early 70's by ABC. However, alas, many of his Backbeat singles A sides and B sides are missing.

McKinley Mitchell - The Town I Live In (Shout UK)

A first compilation of McKinley Mitchell's output on One-derful.

Bobby Taylor - The Motown anthology

An anthology for one of my favorite Motown artists containing several previously unreleased tracks.

Various artists - Chicago Soul Survey (Grapevine UK)

A compilation of Dakar sides.

Various artists - Chitown Boogaloo (Goldmine UK)

A dance-craze themed compilation lifted mainly from the vaults of One-derful and related labels.

Various artists - Do the Shing a Ling (Goldmine UK)

The Bogaloo and the Shing a Ling were soul dance numbers One and Two in the prime of soul in 67/68 (cf. Wilson Pickett's Soul Dance Number Three), so Goldmine appropriately acompany the above Boogaloo titled release with this one, another uptempo 60's soul compilation.

Various artists - The Sound Stage Seven Story (Charly)

A three CD box set compiling the deep soul output of Sound Stage Seven/ Seventy Seven records in the mid to late 60's and early to mid 70's.. - The best thing until we get the complete Sound Stage Seven box.

Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces - Go Ahead and Burn (RPM UK)

The complete "Searching For My Love" LP along with all of the group's non-LP single sides Cicero

Cicero Blake - Here Comes The Heartache (Grapevine UK)

A comprehensive compilation of this great Chicago soul singer's 60's and eatly 70's output on several labels.

Don Varner - Finally Got Over - Deep Soul From The Classic Era (RPM/Shout)

A compilation of Don Varner's recording released on Quinvy/South Camp, in the late 60's and early 70's + unreleased material.

Track list: Laying In The Gap / You Threw Water On A Drowning Man / I Can If You Can / That's All Right / Keep On Doing What You're Doing / I'd Like To Be / When It's Over / Meet Me In Church / He Kept On Talking / I'm Still In Love With You / One Woman Man / Power Of Love / You Left The Water Running / I Finally Got Over / Here Come My Tears Again / Tear Stained Face / Mojo Mama / Down In Texas / Masquerade / Home For The Summer / The Sweetest Story / More Power To Ya' / Handshakin'

David Ruffin - The Great David Ruffin, The Motown Solo Albums vols 1 and 2( Hip-O-Select)

Following the release of the Unreleased Album on this label, now comes a release of his first four solo albums, two on each CD: My Whole World Ended, Feelin' Good, David Ruffin, and Me 'n Rock 'n Roll are Here To Stay.

Betty Wright - My First Time Around (Water, US)

A straight CD release of her first album on Atlantic, pre-Clean Up Woman, including the fine "Girls can't do what the guys do" (Can't they….?)

various artists - Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label (Numero US)

A retrospective of the soulful Colombus Ohio label that operated in the early early 70's, founded by Bill Moss, who recorded the legendary funky, rapped Black Pride anthem, "Sock it to 'em soul brother" (released on the Amy label, in 1969, but included here). Also includes the wonderfully subtle "Go on fool" by Marion Black, and its Northern Soul flip, "Who knows", as well as many other less well known tracks of supreme musical quality.

Other recommended Numero compilations:

various artists - Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label (Numero US)

various artists - Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label (Numero US)

various artists - Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label (Numero US)

Vicki Anderson - Mother Popcorn: The Vicki Anderson Anthology (Soul Brother)

A compilation by James Brown's favorite female sidekick, with several tracks that were not included on the James Brown's Original Funky Divas compilation.

Spencer Wiggins – The Goldwax Years (Kent UK)

At last a CD compilation for one of southern soul music’s greatest voices, including his sequence of magnificent ballads released on Goldwax, Take Me (Just As I Am), Old Friend, Uptight Good Woman, The Power Of A Woman, That's How Much I Love You, as well as his first excellent 45 on Bandstand USA, and all other 45 sides released on Goldwax. Unfortunately, Ace/Kent were not able to license the tracks that were not released at the time, as those were sold by Goldwax to Fame (so the Northern Soul favorite Let’s Talk it Over is not here), and also missing are the 70’s tracks, such as the wonderful I Can’t Be Satisfied released on Sounds Of Memphis – hopefully that will be sorted out in the future, and, along with further unreleased tracks for later labels, could make for another CD by Mr. Wiggins.

Hermon Hitson – You Are Too Much For The Human Heart (Tuff City)

21 tracks, including 7 unreleased, from the man who gave us one of Deep Soul’s finest gems, the title track of this compilation released on Atco, and including all released recordings he made on all labels (Royal, Sweet Rose, Minit and Hit Song), as well as unreleased recordings. . 1 You Are Too Much for the Human Heart (unreleased / unsweetened version) 2 I Got That Will 3 Show Me Some Sign 4 Yes You Did 5 Bad Girl 6 Don't Take Your Love 7 Georgia Grind 8 Why is it Taking So Long 9 Walking in the Park 10 Where Can I Find My Baby 11 You Can't Keep a Good Man Down 12 Ain't No Other Way 13 Please 14 Tired of tryin' (to make you love me) 15 Love Slipped Through My Fingers 16 Been So Long 17 Sweeter 18 Ayana 19 A Dream I Had (I Love Her) 20 Laughin 21 You Are Too Much for the Human Heart.

Various artists - Dave Hamilton’s Detroit Dancers vol. 3 (Kent UK)

Another volume of tracks produced by legendary Detroit producer Dave Hamilton, this time comprising mostly of previously unreleased tracks, many of them northern-soul-danceable tracks of high standard.

Various artists UK Sue Label Story 4 (Kent UK)

Volume 4 of this series dedicated to this UK label’s soul and R&B releases of the 60’s. Refelcting the musical policy of this legendary label, this is an allsorts of soul compilation, with a dash of blues.

Some of my favorites on this release- La De Da I Love You by Inez & Charlie Foxx, which I think of as "Tina Turner meets the Supremes", and I'm Dedicating my life - Danny White, a classic Stax production featured on the John Ridley page .

Various artists – Kent’s Cellar of Soul vol. 2 (Kent UK)

Vol. 2 of this series looking at 60’s soul from a UK perspective – a nostalgic compilation containing mainly tracks that have been seen local UK releases on British labels such as Stateside, Beacon and Action; as such, there are not many rarities or tracks not released before on CD included. Still it’s a nice compilation containing soul of all tempos. ..

Some highlights: Let’s copp a groove – Bobby Wells, Mr. Soul Satistfaction –Timmy Willis, I’ll love you forever – The Holidays, Back up train – Al Greene when he still had the extra e… and The Unifics’ The beginning of my end.

Various artists - Does Anybody Know I'm here (Kent UK)

The sequel to "A Soldier's Sad Story". One down and a few to go as per my wish list for volume 2, the one being Archie Bell and the Drell's beautiful "A soldier's prayer", and the other ones, hopefully to be included in volume 3, being - "Christmas in Vietnam" by Private Charles Bowens & the Gentlemen from Tigerland, , "Glad to be home" by Charles Smith & Jeff Cooper, and "Home to stay" by R.B Greaves. See the Living Room Top 40 for Archie Bell's aforementioned track, as well as my other suggestions which can be found in the site's archives.

Various artists - Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities 2 (KentUK)

Second in this series dedicated to currently popular Northern Soul sounds, without any common label or artist theme. Notable inclusion are "I'm waiting" by Bill Bush, "Just a little faith and understanding by the Magicians, "I wanna be free" by Joe Tex, (see Living Room Top 40 ), as well as plenty more, most of which has not been available on CD before.

The Ovations featuring Louis Williams - The Goldwax Recordings (Kent UK)

Sam Cooke influenced records, generally reflecting the poppier side of Goldwax.

Homer Banks - Hooked by Love: The Best Of Homer Banks (EMI)

At long last, a Homer Banks compilation. Includes all Minit singles A sides and B sides, as well as ten previously unreleaed tracks.

Little Bob and the Lollipops - I Got Loaded (La Louisianne US)

As the name of the label hints - this was a Louisianna group that recorded New Orleans style R&B throughout the 60's - they have appeared before on New Orleans soul compilations, but this is the compilation all dedicated to this group.

Willie Hightower - Willie Hightower (Honest Jon's UK)

The first ever Willie Hightower reissue CD, featuring all tracks of his Capitol LP, as well as subsequent 45 sides he released on Fame (but not some later recordings for Mercury and Sound Stage 7).

various artists - Carolina Soul Survey (Grapevine UK)

This CD was released in 2002, but since I missed it at the time, it's worthwhile including it now, as this is a fine collection of soul tracks recorded in the '70s at Reflection Sound in Charlotte, and not available before on CD, including an all time favorite of mine, Operator by Toby King.

various artists - Southern Soul Showcase (Kent UK)

A compilation of the deep soul side of SSS Intenational and affiliate labels (Sliver Fox, Minaret) - a good mix of well known sides and some surprises that have not yet been available on CD (see the Living Room Top 40)#

Various artists - The Old Town & Barry Soul Survey (Kent UK)

An uptown soul compilation of tracks on these two New York labels.

various artists - In The Beginning (Kent UK)

A compilation dedicated to London's 6T's Soul Club, a club that has been having regular soul nights ever since 1979. The sounds typically mix northern soul with some harder, earlier R&B; several of the tracks have been available before, some of them on Kent compilations, but some are forgotten nuggets, and the atmosphere of a London soul club shines through the CD's bits (and beats?).

Philip Mitchell -Pick Hit of the Week (Grapevine UK)

Following… , this sequel features 20 more unreleased tracks from Mitchell, who is more known as a composer, but who apparently had the habit of demo'ing his compositions, whether given to other artists or not.

Various artists - The Mirwood Soul Story (Kent UK)

Northern soul sounds from the likes of Bobby "Bob" Garrett, Jackie "Earl" Lee, the Olympics, The Mirettes, from the vaults of one labels most associated with Northern Soul.

Doris Duke - I'm A Loser (Kent UK)

The sought after 1969 album now on CD - along with "Legend in Her Own Times", from 1971, also produced by Swamp Dogg

Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown - Saying Something and Hold On We're Coming (Kent UK)

Two duet albums recorded by Wand's stars in 1966 and 1967, on one CD, with four bonus tracks by Chuck alone.

Cicero Blake - Here Comes The Heartache (Grapevine UK)

Finally a compilation covering the soul years output by this excellent, underrated singer, also known as Corey Blake. 24 tracks, including his 45's for various labels, A sides and B sides, spanning from 1961 to 1980.

Bettye Swann - Bettye Swann (Honest Jon's UK)

A compilation containing all tracks of her first two Capitol LPs, The Soul View Now and Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me, with two more tracks, and two further tracks released only on 45's on the same period (1069), Nicely complementing the previous Money Recordings CD released on Kent a couple of years ago. See the Bettye Swann discography

various artists - The Soul of Sue (Kent UK)

A compilation of soul tracks representing a wide variety of US labels and styles, sharing the fact that they were released in the UK on the local Sue label, and demonstrating the pioneering years of the UK 60's soul scene.

various artists - Double Shot of Soul

A compilation of tracks released on LA label Double Shot and its subsidiary Whiz , albeit excluding the labels greatest stars, respectively Benton Wood and Se?or Soul, but including for the first time on CD, both side my favorite 45 on the label Bobby Freeman (of "do you wanna dance" fame, in his soul years here) - Oughta be a law / Everybody's got a hangup.

Various artists - Deep Soul Treasures vol. 4 (Kent UK)

After quite a long break, comes the fourth in these best selling series compiled by Dave Godin. As usual, tracks contain both relative obscurities and hits. More than in previous volumes, this volumes does not stick to slow ballads. For example, "The track of my tears" by The Miracles is not a track you would think of in the context of "deep soul" - nor would "Slip away" by Clarence Carter; this is fine with me, since I never liked soul music to be confined to categories such as "deep soul" or "northern soul" - speaking of which, listen to "This heart can't take no more" by Tony Owens, certainly both "northern" and "deep". Good to see the late great Arthur Conley on the cover, and his mesmerizing "I'm a lonely stranger" included.

Temptation 'Bout To Get Me - The Knight Brothers / I Believe She Will - Eddie & Ernie / I've Been Wrong Too Long - Mathilda Jones / I Pity The Fool - Bobby Bland / I Need You - Chuck Edwards / Just Loving You - Ruby Andrews / Slip Away - Clarence Carter / Is It Me You Really Love - Black Velvet / The Day After Forever - Paul Kelly / Giving Up - Gladys Knight & The Pips / I'm A Lonely Stranger - Arthur Conley / I Love You - Jackie Lee / The Tracks Of My Tears - The Miracles / You Got Me Diggin' You - Roosevelt Matthews / I Don't Care Anymore - Doris Duke / You Make Me Feel Good - Lawrence & Jaibi / Can't Find No Happiness - Barbara Brown / My Baby - Garnet Mimms / It's So Hard To Break A Habit - The Webs / Time Is On My Side - Irma Thomas / I Can't take it no more - Toney Owens / It Was Like A Nightmare - Jaibi / The Dark End Of The Street - Roy Hamilton / I Made It Over - Jimmy Robins / Don't Ever Leave Me - Bob & Earl

Staple Singers - The Ultimate Staple Singers (Kent UK)

Two CD set featuring Staple Singers tracks (as well as a few by Pops and by Mavis), spanning more than two decades, from the Gospel days, through the Stax hits, to the Curtis Mayfield produced 70's sides on Curton, and some further late 70's and early 80's recordings.

Various Artists - Moaning, Groaning, Crying (Kent UK)

A compilation of 26 tracks taken from the vaults of Galaxy and related labels; straring "She's Looking Good" man Rodger Collins and featuring a lot of obscure raunchy mid 60's R&B sides.

The Knight Brothers - Temptation (RPM/Shout UK)

At long last, a CD compilation featuring all the great recordings of the underrated duo, featuring such Soul of the Net favorites as She's A-1, That'll Get It, and Tried So Hard to Please Her.

Ann Sexton - Anthology

Unbelievable, but this is the first CD anthology for this excellent southern soul artists who supplied material for all of soul's sub-scenes - northern soul dancers, funky rare groove movers, and deep soul - including my favorite track by her, Love Love Love (I want to be loved).

David Ruffin - David - The Unreleased Album (Motown)

Unreleased tracks cut by Motown in 1971, when David's solo careers was quite at a standstill commercially - but not artistically. See also the Living Room Top 40

Various artists - Rare Soul Heaven - (Goldmine UK)

A northern soul compilation containing 21 tracks from the rarer side of the genre - sort of a continuation of the For Millionaires Only series without using that title.

The Diplomats - Greatest Recordings (UK Kent)

The Diplomats are one of the small number of soul groups (much like the Masqueraders, who also recently had a first proper compilation CD, on Grapevine) that cater, on different recordings, to both the Northern Soul and the Deep Soul sub-genres of soul collecting. Also like the Masqueraders, these guys tended not to make bad records, so this is a well recommended album. Even if you have the 1996 Collectables CD "Here's A Heart", there's reason enough to get this one too: Out of the 25 tracks here, 12 do not overlap with the 17-track Collecatbles CD, and 6 of them are previously unrelesed track; not to mention the wonderful "Sure as the stars shine", from 1970, that was not on the former CD (which you can hear on the John Ridley page on this site)

James Carr - The Rest of James Carr - My Soul Is Satisfied (UK Kent)

Sadly this is the last in Kent's CD series dedicated to this great soul vocalist. This volume is rather oriented towards the James Carr completists - including several alternative takes; a few tracks that have only been available in Japanese releases; both sides of his only Atlantic single Hold on/I'll put it to you; both sides of the 1977 single on River City plus an unreleased River City recording; three Gospel cuts recorded in the 90's, and several 90's/2000's recordings for Soultrax (but then who needs a version of At the dark end of the streets with a drum machine?). Interesting is a version of "I can't help myself" credited to James Carr and Barbara Perry (a sort of half-baked version though), and at the risk of re-repeating myself, I still believe that it is Barbara, and not Betty Harris, singing with James on "I'm a fool for you".

Candi Staton - Candi Staton (Honest Jon's UK)

Well, here it is finally, a legitimate release of the best of Candi's Fame material, 26 tracks in all: I'm just a prisoner (of your good lovin') / Evidence / I'd rather be an old man's sweetheart (than a young man's fool) / The best thing you ever had / Someone you use / That's how strong my love is / Another man's woman, another woman's man / He called me baby / Sweet feeling / Do your duty / Love chain / Stand by your man / Heart on a string / Too hurt to cry / You don't love me no more / Mr and Mrs Untrue / How can I put out the flame (when you keep the fire burning) / To hear you say you're mine / Sure as sin / What would become of me / In the ghetto / Get it when I want it / Freedom is beyond the door / I'll drop everything and come running / The thanks I get for loving you / I'm gonna hold on (to what I got this time)

Mable John - My Name Is Mable (Spectrum UK)

Before she achieved fame on Stax, Little Willie John's sister recorded for Motown, without much success. This is a collection of 19 tracks (10 of them previously unreleased) from that early 60's period.

Melvin Davis - His Greatest Recordings (Rock Mill US)

Interesting compilation from this excellent Detroit based signer, including his famous Northern favourites, some 8th Day tracks, and later tracks as recently recorded as 2002.

various artists - Land of a 1000 Dances (UK Kent)

A compilation of soul dance records, full of of ducks, philly dogs, chickens, monkeys, jerks, sissies... to name but a few... 26 tracks in all, from 1963 to 1975 (the majority being 60's tracks), with some of my all time dance favorites such as Eddie Bo's Hook & Sling, Boradway Freeze by Harvey Scakes and the Seven Sounds, and That beatin' rhythm by Richard Temple (the latter not exactly a dance craze record but a general tribute to the soul rhythm).

Land Of 1000 Dances - Rufus Thomas / The Matador - Major Lance / Monkeying Around - William Bell / The Greasy Frog - Jeb Stuart / The Boomerang - Don Covay / The Dip - The Whispers / The Push, Push, Push - Jerry Williams / Baby, Do The Philly Dog - The Olympics / Jerk It - The Gypsies / Temptation Walk - The Entertainers 1V / Boston Monkey - Billy Butler / Walking The Duck - The Triumphs / Shing-A-Ling USA - Lee Williams & The Cymbals / That Beating Rhythm - Richard Temple / Broadway Freeze Parts 1 & 2 - Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds / Do The Sissy - Albert Collins / Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn - James Brown / Hook & Sling - Parts 1 & 1 - Eddie Bo / The Meditation - The TNT Band / The Chicken - Jackie Lee / Moon Walk Parts 1 & 2 - Joe Simon / The Watts Breakaway -- The Johnny Otis Show / Breakdown - Parliament / Bumpin' And Stompin' - Garland Green / Change Part 1 - Donald Byrd / Do The Bus Stop - The Fatback Band

various artists - Troubled Waters - Deep Soul From The Deep South (Grapevine UK)

Deep soul from the Malaco vaults: 

Troubled Waters (Unissued) - Sam Dees / Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right - Patterson Twins / I Believe In Love (Unissued) - Billy Cee / Bluer Than Blue - Ruby Wilson / The Town I live In - McKinley Mitchell / I'm Missing You - King Floyd / If You See That Girl Of Mine - Hank Sample / Hold On - Tommy Tate / Two Of A Kind - Dorothy Moore / A Quitter Never Wins - Jimmy Dobbins / Say Yeah - Sam Dees / When A Man Cries - Joe Wilson / Warm Loving Man - Carolyn Faye / The Blind Man - Joe Johnson / Get It Over Anyway - Tommy Tate / You Can't Find Love - Betty & Charles / I'll Be Your Everything (Unissued Version) - Joe Chapman / I Won't Be The Last To Cry - Eddie Houston / I'm Praying - Charles Warren / Lovin' On Borrowed Time - Anita Mitchell / No Time To Lose (Unissued) - Haran Griffin / Why, Oh Why (Unissued Version) - J. Count Hughes / My World - Sam Dees

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Just The Beginning (Grapevine UK)

All previously unreleased tracks from the 70's - high quality material from the Prince, not clear why this was in the can for so long.

Unmasked - The Masqueraders (Grapevine UK)

At long last, a CD compilation covering the prime of the Masqueraders

various artists - A Soldier's Sad Story (UK Kent)

Too bad I hadn't patented my old idea of doing a compilation of Vietnam related soul tracks, because now Kent materialized this idea, issuing a compilation containing some (but not all) of the best soldier/Vietnam soul songs. Tracks include Johnny and Jon's "Christmas in Vietnam", and Mike William's "Lonely soldier", (these two have been included before on the Living Room Top 40 ), as well as a great Emanuel Laskey track which I believe is released on CD for the first time, "Letter from Vietnam", among many others (24 in all).

The Impressions - Definitive Impressions pt. 2 (UK Kent)

While part one was a straight greatest hits set, this volume includes some less known tracks from the most influental soul group of the 60's. See also the Living Room Top 40 , for my favourite Impressions track, which is featureed on this volume, "You'll want me back".

Ethics - The Best of (US Jamnie/Guyden)

First compilation for the Philly group who did the Northern Soul classic "Standing in the darkness", comprising of late 60's material recorded for the Wale and Vent labels. See also the Living Room Top 40 )

Ike & Tina Turner - So Fine (UK Acrobat)

Pompeii material from the late 60's, including tracks from the albums "So Fine" and "Cussin, Cryin' and Carryin' On" - some of their best material.

various artists - Funk Soul Sisters (BGP UK)

Tell Me What's Wrong / Staying At Home Like A Woman - Lynn Varnado; Only A Fool - Loleatta Holloway; You Keep Me Hanging On - Bonnie And Sheila; One Monkey Can't Stop The Show - Paula Lamont; Listen Here - Valorie Keys; Better Get A Move On - Louise Mccord; Pounds Of Soul - Betty Bibbs; Ooh-Wee Baby - Delilah Moore; Heavy Heavy Hangs My Heart - Vera Hamilton; Know What To Do When You Get It - The Genies; Sunshine Of Your Love - Spanky Wilson; Why I Sing The Blues - Betty Barney With The Pazant Brothers; Hold On This Time - Fontella Bass; Good Feeling - Bettye Scott And The Delvettes; I'm Glad I Got Over You - Jeanette Jones; My Heart Took A Licking (But It Kept On Ticking) - Millie Jackson; Mr Fix It - Thelma Jones; It's Too Late For Tears - Rene Bailey; One Way Street (Alt) - Little Ann

Feminine Funk compilation, with somewhat less obvious choices than Funk Soul Brothers released a couple of years ago, which, while we are at it, was: 

various artists - Funk Soul Brothers (BGP UK)

1. Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's Dead 2. Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can 3. Aaron Neville - Hercules 4. Ripple - I Don't Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky 5. S.O.U.L. - Soul Part 1&2 6. O'Donel Levy - People Make The World Go Round 7. Bobby Womack - You're Welcome, Stop On By 8. Roy Ayers - Running Away 9. The Meters - Handclapping Song 10. Jimmy McGriff - The Bird 11. Eddie Bo - If It's Good To You (It's Good For You) 12. Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind 13. Sylvia Striplin - Give Me Your Love 14. Roy Ayers - Everybody 15. Moody Scott I Don't Dig No Phony Pt 2 16. Maceo & All The Kings Men - Got To Get Cha 17. Ironing Board Sam - Man Of The Street

Johnny Moore -Lonely Heart in the City (UK Grapevine)

First CD compilation for Chicago's Johnny Moore.

Ann Peebles - The Complete Hi Peebles on Hi Records, vol. 1: 1969-1973 (UK Hi)

Ann Peebles - The Complete Hi Peebles on Hi Records, vol. 2: 1974-1981 (UK Hi)

Like the title says - the complete recordings for Hi by Ann Peebles, including of course the full "I Can't Stand the Rain" album, which is one of soul music's finest.

various artists - The Peachtree Story (UK Grapevine)

First compilation for the label operated by William Bell in the late 60's, 20 of Peachtree's 45 sides starring Mitty Collier and including James Fountain, Emory and the Dynamics, Gorgeous George and others (see Living Room Top 40 page and archives for some Peachtree material).

various artists - Forgive This Foolish Man (UK Hi)

various artists - Troubles, Heartaches and Sadness (UK Hi)

Deep soul compilations from Hi's male and female (respectively) artists. Demon have over the years released many Hi compilations, many of them largely overlapping. However this set is exceptionally well compiled, with a lot of tracks making first CD appearance, one of them being the title track of the male artist volume from Gene Anderson & the International Hookup, a not very well known record yet one of Hi's finest.

various artists - Work Your Soul (Trojan UK)

A compilation of 60's soul (not reggae) from Jamaica, including soul recording from many reggae stars such as Desmond Dekker, Derrick Harrioy, Phyllis Dillon and many others.

various artists - The Dial Record Southern Soul Story (Kent UK)

Two CD set from Dial's vaults - many Joe Tex tracks of course, but also many less well known artists, including a forgotten favourite of mine that finally gets CD release -"I am a carpet" by Little Archie ( I am a carpet, baby, you're walking on me!)

DISC ONE: Hold On To What You've Got - Joe Tex / Be Your Own Judge - Joe Tex / I Let Her Get Away - Joe Tex / I Wanna Be Free - Joe Tex / I'd Rather Have You - Joe Tex / I've Got A Good Think Going On - Bobby Marchan / I Gotta Sit Right Down And Cry - Bobby Marchan / Get Down With It - Bobby Marchan / Half A Mind - Bobby Marchan / Just Be Yourself - Bobby Marchan / Somebody Will - Bobby Marchan / I Refuse To Give Up - Clarence Reid / Only Your Love - Paul Kelly / Chills And Fever - Paul Kelly / I Want To Do (Everything For You) - Joe Tex / A Sweet Woman Like You - Joe Tex / The Love You Same (May Be Your Own) - Joe Tex / I Can't Help It - Paul Kelly / Since I Found You - Paul Kelly / You Really Fooled Me - Chris Harris / Gimme A Try - Clarence Reid / It Comes And Goes - Len Wade / You Can't Tie Me Down - Little Archie / All I Have To Do - Little Archie / I Just Want What Belongs To Me - Bobby Marchan

DISC TWO: Skinny Legs And All - Joe Tex / Don't Let The Sun Shine On Me - The Dialtones / Hummin' A Heartache - Clarence "Frogman" Henry / This Time - Clarence "Frogman" Henry / That's What I Guessed - Clarence "Frogman" Henry / I Need You - Little Archie / I Am A Carpet - Little Archie / Dr Funky - Chris Harris / Tell Em' Who I Am - Chris Harris / Call Another Doctor (On The Case) - Paul Kelly / We're Gonna Make It - Paul Kelly / Throw The Switch - Frederick Knight / I Know Where I've Been - Frederick Knight / footprints On My Mind - Annette Snell / I'll Be your Fool Once More - Annette Snell / You Oughta' Be Here With Me - Annette Snell / Get Your Thing Together - Annette Snell / Just As Hooked As I've Ever Been -- Annette Snell / Love Connection - Annette Snell / Can You Dig It - King Floyd / Learning To Forget You - King Floyd / Dirt - Jean Knight / Jesse Joe (You Got To Go) - Jean Knight / I Gotcha - Joe Tex

various artists - Allnighter vol. 4 (Goldmine UK)

Fourth in this successful series containing current trends on Northern Soul

various artists - Sixty Smokin' Soul Senders (Lousiana Music Factory US)

If any New Orleans soul sound you know was not produced by Allen Toussaint, it was likely to be produced by Wardell Quezergue. This double CD compiles 60 Quezergue productions from the golden era of soul, performed by New Orleans who's who: Eddie Bo, Senator Jones, Warren Lee, Curley Moore, among others.

James Carr - A Man Needs a Woman - Kent (UK)

After "You Got My Mind Messed Up" , comes a second expanded album set, of Carr's second album. Expanded twice, in fact, once because it includes all 16 tracks of the UK version of the album, and not just the 12 original US album tracks, and on top of that, there are 8 more tracks, some of them available up to now only on Japanese Vivid Sound LPs and CDs, some on the compilation released by Goldwax itself in 1995, and one previously unreleased (a version of "Ring of fire"). Of course there are some overlaps to the Complete Goldwax Singles CD, but then the mixes are Stereo ones here, whereas the aforementioned CD kept the mono mixes of the 45's. Speaking of mixes: my own underrated personal favourite, "You hurt so good" finally sees a CD release, however the mix left-in a track of background voices, which exists on the Japanese album Freedom Train, but did not appear in the original 60's UK and French releases (it was not released in the US at the time); at the risk of rpeatig myself I'll say that the vocal tracked sounds very much overdubbed, and I prefer the raw original mix.

various artists - LA's Silver Soul - Kent (UK)

A compilation of a relatively recently discovered source of great soul music - productions by Lee Silver in Los Angeles, that apparently did not fair too well commercially at the time, and therefore became quite rare. Two outstanding gems here, "What price" by Nathan Williams, and "That's all over baby" by the Jones Brothers (see my Living Room Top 40 page).

various artists - Pounds of Soul - Kent (UK)

Another selection of tracks from Kent's US namesake and its subsidiaries. Plenty of famous names here, who at one time or other had releases on the West Coast label: Vernon Garrett, the Sims Twins, ZZ Hill, Johnny Copeland, and Jimmy Robbins (he of "I can't please you" fame). Another famous name here is Johnny Adams, although in this case only the name is famous, but not its owner - as it is not the "Tan Canary". Betty Bibbs was to me the new discovery on this CD, with three tracks on this compilation.

George Jackson - In Muscle Shoals - Grapevine (UK)

While many recordings he made during his prime as a vocalist on the Fame and Hi labels remain unreleased on CD, here is a surprise release of no less than 20 previously unreleased tracks - recorded, in fact, as demos of his compositions for others to record, but nevertheless fully arranged recordings, except for horns or strings that are not present. These recordings are dated from the late 70's to the early 80's. Listening to them today, I must say that the ballads sound more like today's Malaco recordings than like the early 70's Hi 45's; real instruments are used, but used in a way that resembles today's arrangements more than the 60's ones. Some of the uptempo sides have a disco-ish beat that came and went (thanks God) in the late 70's. However, it is good to hear George Jackson's soulful yet restrained vocals on previously unknown recordings, some of them of songs of his that were made famous by others, such as "Messin' with your mind" (Clarence Carter), "Unlock your mind" (Staples Singers), "I don't do windows" (O.V. Wright) "Down home blues", "Cheatin' in the next room" (ZZ Hill).

various artists - Kent's Cellar of Soul - Kent (UK)

A tribute to the magnificent series of vinyl compilation LPs, Bell Cellar's of Soul, released in the late 60's. Unlike those LPs, this CD is not made up solely of tracks on the Bell label or labels distributed by the legendary New York label, like Goldwax, Amy, Mala, Sansu and more. Several tracks are indeed taken from those labels, e.g. "My elusive dreams" by Moses (Dillard) and Joshua, Mighty Sam's version of "When she touches me" , "Let love come between us" by James and Bobby Purify, and more, however the rest of the tracks on this compilation represent a crosscut of 60's soul of all sorts on a variety of US labels, with the common thread being that that represent records that have been released in the UK at the time. Thus the tracks are not particularly rare, and many of them have been released before on CD, but all in all this is a very pleasant collection of soul tracks, some with the Northern Soul stamp of approval, some not, intended I guess not so much for hardcore collectors but to a wider audience of old souls or young souls infatuated with the old magic

various artists - Shrine, The Rarest Soul Label vol. 2 - Kent (UK)

After a rather long interval, comes the second volume of the Shrine story from Kent. To those of us who cannot allocate the funds needed to buy the original 45's, these sounds have been available prior to the Kent CD releases, on two LPs released in 1990 on the Horace's label. The same guys who were behind the LPs then - Ady Croasdell and Andy Rix are behind these CDs, and as often is the case, there are more tracks on the CDs than on the equivalent LPs. Some Northern Soul goodies were left for this volume, such as Another way - Cautions, and This time (I'm gonna be true) - Ray Pollard, but there are also a lot of non-northern items here - mid tempo and ballads, which reveal the true diversity of this mid 60's DC label, and on top of all that this compilation includes three previously unreleased masters.

Joe Tex - Live and Lively / Soul Country - RPM / Shout (UK) 

Joe Tex - Happy Soul / Buying a Book - RPM / Shout (UK) 

Joe Tex - From the Roots... Came the Rapper - Kent (UK) 

Two further two-fers featuring original albums by Joe, continuing Conoisseur Collection's release of his earlier albums; and a one-fer for Kent, albeit featuring a lot of non-album and unreleased recordings (from the early 70's). My pick of Joe Tex's albums from this period has got to be the aptly titled Happy Soul, where Joe's humorous sides were magnificently coupled with tight funky arrangements on tracks like "Go home and do it" and "Take the fifth amendment".

Eddie and Ernie - Lost Friends - Kent UK

A long awaited compilation of tracks by soul music's cult duo. Tracks include solo recording by both singers, as well as seven previously unreleased tracks.

James Carr – You Got My Mind Messed Up (Kent UK)

After the Complete Singles, now comes the release on CD by Kent of James Carr first of his two albums that were released by Goldwax. A classic album no doubt, however since only 2 of the tracks were not released on 45’s and hence not included on the Complete Singles, Kent had to pull out a valuable bonus. And that they did: this CD has 12 extra tracks. The bulk of them are tracks that first saw the light of day on a vinyl LP released in 1977 by Vivid Sound Japan – Freedom Train. That LP comprised of tracks recorded relatively late in Carr’s career, around 1969. About half of the Freedom Train tracks appear here, presumably the rest are kept for Carr’s next release, A Man Needs a Woman. There are also a couple of tracks that have only been available on elusive CDs released by Goldwax US in the 1990’s – and three tracks first released on this CD, two of them alternative takes, but one of them being a never before heard version by James Carr of the Rascals' "Love is a Beautiful Thing". Still, IMHO the Goldwax singles outshine the other material, interesting as it is. Stereo freaks should note that the LP tracks were mixed in Stereo from the original multitrack masters.

Various artists – The Arock and Sylvia Soul Story (Kent UK)

Kent’s time travel through the soul labels of the 60’s, goes to New York City, to two labels owned by Al Sears. Arock’s stars were the Diplomats, who brought Arock its only national chart his that I can think of – Here’s a heart (not included here). But there’s an abundance of rarities and unreleased tracks – one of them by Chet Posion Ivey, that you can listen to on the Living Room Top 40 page.

various artist - King New Breed Rhythm & Blues - Kent (UK)

A collection of that special brand of hybrid blues/soul dance records, dark, atmospheric, often minor-keyed records, that caught the imagination of so many European fans, from the time it was current, mainly in the early 60's, and until this very day. The King label was probably the largest producer of this music, and recording home to its main protagonist, Little Willie John. This compilation follows the footsteps of the former New Breed CD, that centered around the Kent/Modern US labels, and IMO this new volume is the better of the two.

Don Julian & the Larks - The Jerk - The Money Recordings - Kent (UK)

The Larks were the originators of the Jerk - at least the record if not the dance itself. The CD includes that original recording, from 1964, and several follow-ups, mostly including the term "Jerk" in them. Obviously very much influenced by the Impressions, which is not a bad source to be influenced from. However to me most of the Jerk-y items are too similar to each other, so it's the few down-tempo tracks that caught my attention on this CD - see the Living Room Top 40 for "The answer came too late".

various artists - The Soul of Money - Kent (UK)

First ever compilation of the Money label - and it wasn't just about the Larks and Bettye Swann, but also the MM's, Peanuts and Question Marks...

various artists - King Serious Soul Vol. 2- Kent (UK)

The sequel to the excellent volume 1, and just as good, if not better, again compiled by Soul of the Net contributor John Ridley. This time we get a lot of goodies on the blues/soul border line, among them two fine tracks by the great Oscar Toney Jr, who spent a couple of years recording for King before moving to a more commercially successful stay with Bell. But some of the lesser known names here also contribute many moments of deep bluesy soul pleasure. A massage for the heart.

Jimmy Lewis - Give the Poor Man a Break - Kent (UK)

23 tracks, many of them previously unreleased, along with the two sides of Jimmy's great 1973 Stax 45, Stop half loving these women / Where was he?. As always with Jimmy, you get a lot of wry stories about love, adultery, and money.

various artists - Allnighter vol. 3 - Goldmine (UK)

Third in this series which aims to reflect the current playlists in Northern Soul events. Well, some of the tracks here have already been played many years ago, but many are indeed recent discoveries and never-before-on-CD tracks.

various artists - The Northern Soul of Philadelphia vol. 3 - Goldmine (UK)

Third in this Goldmine series dedicated to Northern Soul originating in the City of Brotherly Love.

various artists - Queens of King - Ace (UK) 

More rock and roll and doo-wop oriented than soul, this compilation covers recordings by female artist and groups for King and related labels between 1956 and 1964.

James and Bobby Purify - Shake a tail feather - Sundazed (US)

The most comprehensive J&B P compilation to date, with 28 tracks, including 5 previously unreleased.

The Ojay's - I'll be sweeter tomorrow - The Bell Sessions - Sundazed (US)

20 tracks from their Bell period (1967-1969), including the inevitable title track and "I dig your act", but alas, not including some fine recordings they did for this label.

Jerry Butler - The Philadelphia Sessions - Mercury (US) 

His two albums released on Mercury in the late 60's - The Ice Man Cometh and Ice on Ice, plus three bonus tracks. Includes all of his great Philly hits, such as Hey western union man, Only the strong survive, Moody woman, and A brand new me, as well as many fine album tracks.

Booker T. and the MGs, the Mar-keys- Stax Instrumentals - Kent (UK)

The MGs have alread had a CD full of previously unreleased material, and now it turns out there was enough left fo another half CD, so this time the space is shared with the Mar Keys, which, as we all know, were for a certain time in their career just Booker T and the MGs with horns.

various artists - If loving you is wrong - Kent (UK) 

A good concept for a CD - cheatin' soul anthems. Many of the track are a bit on the too well known territory for many of this site's clients, but in between the woman to woman's and dark end of the street's there are some less obvious inclusions by the likes of Philip Mitchell, Loleatta Holloway and Sam Dees. The title track, BTW, is given the Millie Jackson treatment, not the Luther Ingram one.

various artists - Impressed! - Kent (UK)

A new concept for a soul compilation. We've had CDs by label, by artist, by city, by UK club, but this is the first one as far as I know that is dedicated to the influence of a major soul act on lesser known ones. This compilation is supposed to include tracks impressed by Curtis Mayfield's Impressions. Personally, I find this influence on just about half of the tracks, while the other half consists of mid-60's harmony group soul that doesn't necessarily remind me of the Impressions. Nevertheless, a good opportunity to showcase some slow to mid tempo group soul most of which has not been on CD so far. Two of the tracks have appeared before on my Living Room Top 40 pages - "What you gonna do" by the Brilliants, and "Especially for you baby by" the Four Puzzles.

Sam Moore - Plenty good lovin' - Swing Cafe (UK)

Tracks from the post-Dave days of Sam Moore, when he was still in Atlantic. Six of these tracks have comprised the A and B sides of his three Atlantic 45's of that era (1970-1971). The other four - namely Get out of my life woman, Hi di hi, Part time love, and I can't stand it - have never been released before. Just ten tracks in all, but when they are by a singer of the caliber of Sam Moore, and a label such as Atlantic, they are surely reason enough to make this release an obligatory purchase.

various artists - Soul Jewels vol. 2 - Westside (UK)

The sequel to vol. 1, this volume contains no less than 26 tracks from the vaults of Jewel, Paula and Ronn labels, which are of course right up the Soul of the Net's alley. Artists include the Wallace Brothers, George Perkins, Lee Shot Williams, Ted Taylor, Clarence Carter (One of his Future Stars releases, What was I supposed to do, was also released on Ronn), the Patterson Twins and many more.

various artists - The Goldwax Story vol. 1 - Kent (UK) 

Up to now, Goldwax recordings (except for James Carr's) were available on CD only on two volumes of Japanese P-Vine compilations, which were distributed around the world often illegitimately. Now finally comes this well researched volume from Kent, which includes a mix of stone classics (the original versions of "At the dark end of the street" and "That's how strong my love is" by James Carr and O. V. Wright respectively), with tracks from Goldwax's other main artists such as the Ovations, Spencer Wiggins and Percy Milem, along with several not too well known tracks that have not been available on CD before. Complete with notes by John Ridley.

James Carr - Complete Goldwax Singles - Kent (UK) 

More complete than former James Carr compilations, this one includes all of his 14 Goldwax 45's, A side and B sides, albeit several album tracks and tracks not released at the time by Goldwax remain to be issued in a subsequent CD volume of James Carr's works. If you have the Razor and Tie Essential James Carr CD, note that 12 of the tracks on this Kent CD are not included on the Razor and Tie one; especially his earlier (64/65) singles, but also some later B sides, such as the wodnerful flip of (the woderful) Freedom Train - "That's the way love turned out for me" (see the Living Room Top 40). Also contains his most Northern Soul track - "That's what I want to know".

Freddie Waters - Singing a New Song - Black Magic (Holland)

18 tracks, recorded for Ref-O-Ree and October. Freddie Waters is a magnificent singer - look for two tracks by him on the Living Room Top 40 1998 Archive.

various artists - Soul Jewels - Westside (UK) vol. 1

27 tracks, compiled by John Ridley. Mainly deep soul, late 60's to early 70's from the Jewel/ Ronn group of labels, including Soul of the Net favourites such as "A woman's love" - Joe Valentine, "I just can't get over you" - Charlie "Cole Black" Brown, and a very clear master reproduction of Johhny and John's "Christmas in Vietnam", which for some reason rarely saw a decent 45 pressing - most of them were really noisy (all three tracks mentioned here have appeared before on the Soul of the Net)

A second volume is due soon.

Little Milton – The Collection, The Complete Checker Hit Singles - Connoisseur Collection (UK)

All of his US hits from the Cashbox and Billboard charts compiled together for the first time. There have been compilations of his Checker material on CD before, but this 24 track CD is the most complete to date, covering most of the 60's, ending with 1970, when Milton left for Stax. Contains several titles making a CD debut.

O. V. Wright - Giant of Southern Soul - Connoisseur Collection (UK)

25 track compilation taken from his recordings for the Backbeat and ABC labels. Includes almost all of his American hits on the Billboard and Cashbox charts, many of which have not been available on a UK or US CD before.

various artists - King Northern Soul 2 - Kent (UK)

Since Kent acquired the rights to the King / Federal / De Luxe recordings, they have been pouring out all genres of the soul output from this group of labels that was very central to soul music from the late 50's to the early 70's - northern soul, funk and deep soul. This compilation is supposedly King Northern Soul volume 2, but actually it covers a wide range of tempos and moods, from ballads to mid tempo to frantic dancers, with most tracks being quite obscure yet of high quality - and a special surprise is the inclusion of Donnie Elbert's original 1957 atmospheric ballad hit What Can I Do.

various artists - Birth of Soul 3 - Kent (UK)

Third in this series of early soul sides, from 1959 through 1964. This volume is a somewhat uptown oriented, featuring among others early tracks by the Miracles, Jimmy Ruffin, Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters, Chuck Jackson, the Impressions, the Falcons, Ike & Tina Turner, as well as lesser known names. Yoni's recommendations - watch out for the Taylor Brothers, the Diplomats, Prince La La and Big Sambo & the House Wreckers.

Ella Washington - Starving for your love - South Park (US)

First CD compilation for the great Ms. Washington, 16 Sound Stage 7 recordings.

Mighty Hannibal - Hannibalism - Norton (US)

Most of the mighty one's recordings, on several labels (Loma, Josie, Decca among others). 28 tracks, no less.

Jesse James meets Clarence Ashe - SOS (US) 

I still haven't got details on this one, other than the fact that it includes 12 Jesse James tracks and 13 Clarence Ashe tracks, (can't be bad can it).

Judy Clay, Marie Knight - Bluesoul Belles vol. 4 - Westside (UK) 

The late great Judy Clay's Scepter recordings, and Musicor tracks by Marie Knight

various artists - Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities - Kent (UK) 

Due for release on September 3rd 2001, this is Kent's answer to Goldmine's Millionaires Only series - featuring many rare and rarish tracks never released before on CD - with excellent sound quality and informative notes. Follow this site for some audio from this one soon.

various artists - The Soul of Wigan Casino (Goldmine)

Wigan Casino revisited, this time with many tracks previously unrleased on CD.

various artists - King Serious Soul: Too Much Pain - Kent (UK) 

Following Kent's look at the Northern Soul and the funky sides of the King label in the Soul era have been , now comes the best part: the deep soul side of King. Although this John Ridley / Adrian Croasdell compilation does not include records by James Brown or his sidekicks (see The Deep Soul of James Brown for some of them), there is enough wealth of deep soul material on the King./Federal vaults to make this one of the best deep soul collections ever, full of superb intense, gritty and relatively obscure ballads, such as the subtitle track Too much pain by Eugene Evans, or I can't give you my heart by Jimmy Braswell . But to me the most interesting aspect of this compilation is the early 70's deep soul side of King, which is little known to many. See the Living Room Top 40 for some of these tracks, by Eddie James, Gloria Walker and the Patterson Twins.

various artists - New Breed R&B - Kent (UK) 

After northern soul, deep soul and funk, now it's time for a look at the blues-soul side of the Kent/Modern labels. This compilation represents a thick, smokey, raw kind of R&B and blues, not really soul for the most part - too many guitar solos for soul purists. But reading in the sleevenotes about the Hideaway club in Manchester, where supposedly this type of music is played for a mixture of mods, soulies and blues collectors, it certainly seems an interesting adventure for a strict soulie like me to try... and mind you, I did include some stuff like this on the site in the past, such as Charles Sheffield and Otis Rush on the Living Room Top 40 archives (although these two are not on this compilation of course, being restricted to the Kent group of labels).

Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got / The New Boss - Conoisseur Collection (UK) 

Joe Tex - The Love You Save / I've Got to Do a Little Bit Better - Conoisseur Collection (UK)

Good news - finally Joe Tex's Atlantic LP's get re-released, and on the fine two-album-per-one-CD format, plus bonus tracks. Watch out for the lovely "Tell me right now" on the Hold What You've Got album - and for more details about the bonus tracks when I get the CDs...

Bettye Swann - The Money Recordings - Kent (UK) 

Her only CD album to date was a 12 tracker on Collectibles, a straight re-release of her Make Me Yours album. This release includes all the tracks on the aforementioned CD / LP, with much better sound quality, plus some additional 45 only tracks and perviously unreleased alternatives takes and mixes.

various artists – For Connoisseurs Only - Kent (UK) 

Again UK Kent dips into the vaults of its US namesake, to dig up relatively uncommon tracks by the likes of the Sims Twins, Johnny Adams (not the Tan Canary), ZZ Hill (his excellent version of Make Me Yours - what a coinsidence considering the above Bettye Swann release...) Clay Hammond, Vernon Garrett and many more - with a special treat by way of an excellent unreleased track by the Other Brothers.

Willie Mitchell - Poppa Willie - The Hi Years, 1962-74 - Hi (Demon, UK)

Double CD containing the besyt of Willie Mitchell's Hi output - mostly instrumentals by the Hi house band, with Willie in charge of producation and arrangements, and accasionally playing trumpet.

Bill Black's Combo - The Best of.. the Hi Records Years - Right Stuff (US)

Ex Elvis Preseley back up saxophonist became more soul oriented in the mid 60's, this is a compilation of his band's output for Hi.

Bobby Powell – Into my own thing - The Jewel and Whit recordings 1966-1971 - Westside (UK)

Underrated soul singer finally gets a CD compilation of his own - includes his fine rendition of "The Bells", one of my all time favourites.

Delfonics - La la means I love you - Buddha (US)

Delfonics - Sound of Sexy Soul - Buddha (US)

Delfonics - The Delfonics - Buddha (US)

Three late 60's to early 70's Philly Groove albums get a straight rerelease - sadly no bonus tracks or 2-fer fromat.

various artists – Get Down Low / The Soul of New Orleans - Sundazed (US) double CD

Sundazed keep up their very welcome dip into the Bell/Amy/Mala/ etc. vaults, this time it's the Sansu label, with 50 tracks on this double CD, four of which are previously unissued.

Inez & Charlie Foxx - Mockingbird - The Complete Sue Recordings - Connoisseur Collection (UK)

Due for release on June 25, 2001, it's good to see this second Foxx brothers release this year, which includes the earlier part of their career as compared to the Dynamo period represented on the Kent CD. This includes of course the original Mockingbird, and 24 other tracks from the same early 60's period.

various artists – The In Crowd - Castle Music (UK) double CD

Complied by Mike Ritson and Stuart Russel, as a companion to their book of the same title, this is a Northern Soul primer, most of the tracks on which would already be part of a dedicated Northern Soul collector's library. However there are a handful of CD first timers here, such as Little Johnny Taylor's excellent r&b meets Northern Soul track, Zig Zag Lightning.

Bobby Patterson – How do you spell love? The Paula Recordings 1971-73 - Westside (UK)

His early 70's album "It's Just a Matter of Time" along with a few 45 only side from the same period.

Arthur Alexander – The Monument Years – Ace (UK)

Covers Arthur Alexander’s recordings from 1965 to 1969, for Monument and Sound Stage 7 (six 45’s never re-released on CD and several previously unreleased recordings). Somewhat country/pop-ish for many soul fans, but still interesting.

various artists – Allnighter Volume 2 (Goldmine)

Trying to follow up volume 1’s success representing a crosscut of the current Northern Soul scene – however not all tracks are new to CD.

Johnnie Taylor -Lifetime - Stax (UK)

A 3 CD box to commemorate the great Johnnie Taylor, featuring not only his Stax recordings but also earlier Gospel sides, the previously unreleased on CD Derby/Sar 45's and a handful of later recordings for Columbia and Malaco, up to his latest album. Complete with a 48 page booklet, and a few alternate takes, this is a must for all Johnnie Taylor fans, in fact, all soul fans, even those who like me already own almost every track on this collection on vinyl or CD. It's good to see such a respectful anthology released, and so soon after the man's untimely death. Although I would compile a slightly different selection - e.g. favourites of mine like You can't get away from it, Hold on this time, are not included, there's nothing from his RCA album, and there's an exaggerated, IMHO, proportion on blues tracks, but on the whole it's an impressive and welcome release.

Don Covay - Mercy / See Saw - Koch (US)

A straight re-release of his first two Atlantic LP's, from 1965 and 1966 respectively.

Various artists - Our turn to cry - Kent (UK)

Kent follow up the excellent "Sanctified Soul" set with another dip into the deep soul side of Atlantic. Includes shining gems that have long been awaiting recognition by the Soul brother six, Ned Towns, Percy Wiggins, Bobby Harris, Lou Johnson, to name but a few.

Here is the full track lisitng:

What Can You Do When You Ain't Got Nobody? - Soul Brothers Six · What Can I Do (Pt 1) - Bobby Marchan · Lonely Soldier - Mike Williams · How Can You Baby-Sit A Man? - Ned Towns · Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me - Ed Robinson · A Message To My Baby - Billy Harner · He Don't Belong To Me - Doris Troy · Today I Started Loving You Again - Bettye Swann · She Didn't Know (She Kept On Talking) - Dee Dee Warwick Backed By The Dixie Flyers · I Wish It Would Rain - Johnny Adams · Hold On To What We've Got - James Carr · I'm Just An Ordinary Man - Benny Latimore · I've Got Enough Heartaches - Mighty Sam · Let Me Down Easy - Alvin Robinson · Help Me Find My Groove - Dee Dee Sharp · Don't It Sound Good (Pt 1) - Billy Mashburn · We Can't Believe You're Gone - Bobby Harris · Baby Come On Home - Hoagy Lands · May God Bless Our Love (Pt 1) - Elvis & The Roadrunners · Believe In Me - Jennings Brothers · Book Of Memories - Percy Wiggins · Please Stay - Lou Johnson · The Last Girl - Isley Brothers · No Easy Way Down - N.A. Allen · Your Turn To Cry - Betty Lavette · Breakfast In Bed - Baby Washington

Various artists -The Beat Goes On - Kent (UK)

Solid uptempo (not Northern Soul oriented) material from Atlantic/Atco group, though mostly available elsewhere on CD.

Inex & Charlie Foxx -The Dynamo Duo - Kent (UK)

Their Dynamo period - my favourite - between 1966 and 1968, (post Symbol and pre Inez's period at Stax/Volt). Excellent stuff, including several Northern Soul favourites as well as some gospel-soul gems.

Track listing:

(1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count The Days · Come By Here · My Special Prayer · Tightrope · No Stranger To Love · Baby Take It All · I Stand Accused · Guilty · A Stranger I Don't Know · Never Love A Robin · I Love You 1,000 Times · Hard To Get · Undecided · I Ain't Goin' For That · You Are The Man · Vaya Con Dios · Fellows In Vietnam · Come On In · Baby Drop A Dime · Baby Give It To Me · You Fixed My Heartache · Like Little Children · You Shouldn't Have Set My Soul On Fire - Inez Foxx (Solo) · Mockingbird (With Strings)

Various artists - On the Top of the World - The Stafford Story -Goldmine (UK)

Stafford's Top of the World venue was known for its quality allnighters, which unlike other venues of the time made no compromises in terms of soulfulness of the music as well as freshness of the selection. For us unlucky ones who weren't there, as well as for those who were, Goldmine releases this collection of tracks said to exemplify the Stafford style.

Various artists - King Funk - BGP (UK)

Subsequent to Kent's Northern Soul of King CD, sister UK label BGP takes a look at the funkier side of the Cincinnati major, in the late 60's and early 70's. James Brown and related material is not included though.

Marva Whitney - It's My Thing - Soul Brother (UK)

This CD has the title and artwork of Marva's 1969 LP, but contains several extra tracks, including some excellent earlier recorded deep soul.

Toussaint McCall - Nothing takes the place of you - Westside (UK)

Again, the original Ronn LP fortified with several extra tracks, six of which are released for the first time.

various artist - Hotlanta Soul, Vol. 2: Full Time Groovers - Kent (UK)

Sequel to the excellent Vol. 1 - including tracks by Sam Dees, Bill Brandon, Frederick Knight, Jimmy Lewis, Loleatta Holloway, John Edwards, Rozetta Johnson, and Unknown Artist, toname but a few (Mr. Artist has been getting a lot of tracks reissued, hasn't he).

Solomon Burke -Proud Mary - Sundazed (US)

The US Sundazed label has gained the rights to the Bell/Amy/Mala/Sansu etc. catalogue, hence several very interesting releases. King Solomon's first post Atlantic album on Bell (from 1969) has long been one of my favourite LP's, due to Sol's wonderful, personalized renditions of classics such as What am I living for, These arms of mine, I can't stop, I'll be doggone, the original How big a fool (can a fool be) and more. Now at long last comes the CD rerelease, with 7 bonus tracks from his Bell sessions, out of which 3 have never been released before.

Mighty Sam -Papa True Love - Sundazed (US)

Mighty Sams's Amy sessions, featuring one previously unreleased track (A stranger to me), and of course, the marvelous "Sweet dreams (of you)"

Van Dykes -Telling it Like it Is -Sundazed (US)

15 tracks by the Van Dykes who recorded for Mala, including of course "No man is an island" but several less known gems.

various artists -Boy Meets Girl - Stax (UK)

A straight CD-release of Stax's 1969 double album project, forming ad-hoc male-female duos featuring Mavis, Pervis and Cleotha Staples, Carla Thomas, Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd and William Bell.

various artists -King Northern Soul - Kent (UK)

Not strictly Northern Soul, as this CD includes the Pat Lundy's classic ballad recording "Prove it”, but between ballads and James Brown's funky 45's, King did release a mixed bag of uptempo records catrting to the Northern Soul scene, and most of them are on this compilation.

The Radiants -The Singles Collection, 1962-1970  - Rock-O-Ribs (US)

27 tracks by this marvelous Chicago group, including two solo tracks by lead singer Maurice McCalister and a few Maurice & Mack sides.

Vernon Garett -Running Out   - P-Vine (Japan)

22 tracks off his Kent and Modern era.

Peggy Scott and JoJo Benson -The Complete SSS Int'l Recordings -RPM/Shout (UK)

I own their two albums for the label recorded in the late 60's, and I can't recall many interesting tracks on them apart from the two hits, (which I adore), Lover's holiday and Pickin' wild mountain berries. Peggy's cover of Every little bit hurts is also worth a mention, but it's not on this CD as it only contains the duets. But maybe it's time I took another listen. Peggy Scott Adams of course has been making a strong comeback in the past few years, becoming one of the top current southern soul recording artists.

Ted Taylor -Ever Wonderful -Westside (UK)

As you may know if you're a regular visitor to this site, I adore Ted Taylor's soaring tenor vocals, and this CD features some of his best recordings; it contains the complete Jewel/Ronn solo singles (i.e. excluding duets), A's and B's, the releases span 1967 to 1974, but also include earlier recordings leased to Jewel.

Clay Hammond, Z. Z. Hill - Southern Soul Brothers - Kent (UK)

17 tracks by the Sam Cooke influenced Clay Hammond, and 10 tracks by Z. Z. Hill, mostly dated between 1966 and 1968, mostly released on Kent, several first released on Kent (UK) on the vinyl LP by Clay Hammond released in the late 80's, but several other tracks by both arists are first ever released on this CD.

Steve Mancha - Detroit Soulman - The Best of Steve Mancha - Connoisseur Collection (UK)

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first CD compilation fully dedicated of Clyde Wilson's music - containing 20 of his Grooveville tracks. Also on the CC label are being released compilations by Darrell Banks, J.J Barnes and the Parliaments, all encompassing the best of their work for Groovesville/Revilot etc.

various artists - For Modern Millioanairs - Goldmine (UK) 

Like the "millionaires only" series - ultra rare material, this time from the 70's and 80's.

various artists - Midnight Brew - Goldmine (UK) 

A compilation of Northern Soul instrumentals.

various artists - Deep Soul Inferno - Goldmine (UK) 

The deep soul side of the CD reissue scene seems to be growing steadily, (see Kent's brilliant Sanctified Soul below), now Goldmine releases another deep soul collection. Leaving aside matters such as rightful licensing, the content of this CD is simply excellent: The Fabulous Fiestas - One Hurt Deserves Another / Tony Ashley - I'll Go Crazy / Grover Mitchell - I'm Still In Love With You (Part 2) / Otis Clay - That's How It Is (When Your In Love) / Jimmy Lewis - Where Is My Baby / Jeannie Reynolds And The Re-Leets - I Don't Mess Around / Fred Briggs - Sound Off / Kim Toliver - I'll Try To Do Better /Lee Jones And The Sounds Of Soul - This Heart Is Haunted / Chris Hamilton - I've Got To Cry / Arthur Freeman - I Want To Come Home / Bobby Barnes - I Shed A Tear / Donald Height - You Sure Know How To Make A Man Feel Good / Timmy Shaw - Thunder In My Heart / Gloria Jones - When He Touches Me/ James Dee And A Piece Of The Action And The Primettes - My Pride / The Soul Twins - Mr. Independent / Spencer Wiggins - I Can't Be Satisfied (With A Piece Of Your Love) / Ebony Essence - Unsatisfied Man / George Jackson - I Don't Need You No More / Milt Mathews Inc. - Oh Lord! (You Gotta Help Me)

Spencer Wiggins' beautiful Sound of Memphis release has long been a sought after item; as was Lee Jones's (of Masqueraders fame) haunting beat ballad (both featured on this site in real audio) - just two of many real gems here.

various artists - Sanctified Soul - Kent (UK) 

Yet more from the Atlantic vaults, this time on the deep soul front, featuring some not that well known 45's and album tracks. IMO this is one of the top ten reissue CD's of all time. A perfect blend of major artists and less well known ones, some tracks have already been released on CD but most have not. The material is taken not just from Atlantic/Atco releases but also from labels distributed by Atlantic, e.g. Volt and Cotillion, which makes the scope gigantic - of course there's enough material on these labels for ten volumes of same quality, but this is an excellent start. BTW if you don't have Arthur Conley's Shake Rattle and Roll 45 or LP, this is a chance to listen to "You don't have to see me", where, although I have not seen it mentioned anywhere, it has always been obvious to me thet the second voice is Otis Redding's.

Track listing:  You Don't Have To See Me - Arthur Conley / Get It Over - Ben & Spence / Time To Say Goodbye - Bettye Swann / I Stole Some Love - Don Covay / Your Love's Not Reliable - Fern Kinney / You Are Too Much For The Human Heart - Herman Hitson / George Jackson - J P Robinson / Cover Me - Jackie Moore / I'll Put It To You - James Carr /. A Suffering Pain - Jeff Dale / Greatest Love - Judy Clay / Ad For Love - Lee Jackson / You Mean So Much To Me - The Mad Lads / Love Have Mercy - Mike Williams & The Tempest Band / Is It Over ? - Otis Clay / They Don't Know - Percy Wiggins / Leave You In The Arms (Of Your Other Man) - Roscoe Robinson / I've Loved You So Long - Rudy Lewis / Cheer Up (Daddy's Coming Home) - Rudy Mockabee / Signed Miss Heroin - Sam Dees / He'll Have To Go - Solomon Burke / I Can't Live Without You - Soul Brothers Six / That's How It Feels - The Soul Clan / Feed The Flame - Ted Taylor / Message To My Woman - Walter Rhodes / For Better Or Worse - Wilson Pickett

Jerry Williams Jr. (a.k.a Swamp Dogg) - Swamp's Things - Westside (UK)

Now his name is Swamp Dogg of course, but at the time the Calla tracks contained on this collection were released he was still Jerry Williams Jr; on the other hand this CD also features Swamp Dogg's "Greatest Hits" album from 1976. If you ask me, this is an interesting relase.

Cindi Scott - The Loving Country - Driving Wheel

An independent effort by UK producer David Powner who recorded veteran Northern Soulstress (I love you on Wright Sounds, Time can change a love on Veep). The arrangements sound very 70's disco, which is not my cup of tea, but as such they are quite good, and Cindy is in fine vocal form. On the more soulful side, there's a version of "Precious Precious", and an uptempo, Motown-ish version of "I've been loving you too long".

The Bluesoul Belles Sereies - Westside (UK)

Westside have come up with a concept of grouping together two female soul artists on one CD. The releases so far are: volume one, Betty Lavette (Calla) and Carol Fran (Roulette), volume two, Jean Knight (Tribe) and Barbara Lynn (Jet Stream), and volume three , Jean Plum and Veniece (Hi).

various artists - Allnighter - Goldmine (UK) 

Good quality (material and sound) northern soul compilation from Goldmine. Check out their website for the track listing.

Bettye Lavette - Souvenirs - Art & Soul (France) 

Includes Bettye's Lavette's two debut 45's for Atlantic (1962); Her two Atco 45's (1972-1973), but what's more important, there's a whole unreleased LP here, from the Atco period. Those who have already heard it generally rave about it - I'm waiting for my copy which should arrive soon. And BTW Bettye informs me (yes by e-mail) that there's also a new live album to be released soon - watch this space for more.

various artists - Golden State Soul - Kent (UK) 

A compilation based on output on Leo Kulka's Golden State records, generally smooth soul from mid 60's to early 70's.

The Sandpebbles - We Got Love Power - Westside (UK)

Their complete Calla recordings 1967-1969

Don Bryant - The Complete Don Bryant on Hi records - Hi (UK) 

Two CD set including all 45's, his album on Hi, duets with Marion Brittnam and one with his wife Ann Peebles, plus some previously unreleased demos.

Otis Clay - The Complete Otis Clay on Hi records - Hi (UK) 

Two CD set, spanning his entire outut on Hi, 1971 to 1977.

O.V. Wright - The Complete O.V Wright on Hi records vol. 1- Hi (UK)

Another two CD set from Hi UK (Demon), containing all of his studio recorded work for Hi.

various artists - Lost Soul Oldies Volumes 1 to n - Lost Soul (US) 

These are being released faster than I can count. It seems now that there are already 15 volumes. Not to be confused with Underground Oldies (US ITP), which is a different series but in exactly the same vein - mainly group and harmony soul from the 60's and early 70's. I should be getting a few of these soon stay tuned for more info... check out a couple of tracks off these CDs on my Living Room Top 40.

various artists - Super Funk - BGP (UK) 

Rare funky soul tracks from the late 60's and early 70's.

Track listing: Gotta Get Me A Job - Anne Alford / Here Comes The Judge - Larry & Tommy / Soul Power - The Houston Outlaws / The Devil Made Me Do It - Gene Anderson / Skunk Juice - The Pazant Brothers / Love You Wholeheartedly - Jackie Dee / If You Want Me Say Yeah - The Motivations / Keep Your Faith Baby - Chuck Bridges / Day Of Rest - Marvin Holmes and Uptights / Get Up Off My Mind - Denise La Salle / Foolish Man - Huck Daniels / Hook and Boogit Part 1 - Abraham and the Casanovas / Hook and Boogit Part 2 - Abraham and the Casanovas / Kick Back - Buena Vistas / Groove - Dave Hamilton / Motor City - The Counts / Freedom And Justice - The Pace-Setters / Back To Funk - Robert Lowe / Soul Funk - Chico & Buddy / Got To Have You - Little Ann

various artists - Stax of Funk - BGP (UK) 

Mainly 70's sides from the funkier side of Stax and related labels. Includes the brilliant "Movin dancer" by Bobby Holley (Weis) - check out my funky page if you want to listen to it.

various artists - Gettin' to Me - Kent (UK) 

Yet another dip into the Atlantic vaults by Kent. Featuring the title track by Ben E. King, as well as some Fame classics (Art Freeman, James Barnett); Archie Bell's prime contribution to the Northern Soul world "A thousand wonders"; and much more - details to follow.

various artists - Shreveport Southern Soul - Kent (UK) 

Long awaited Murco compilation from Kent, featuring among others Eddy Giles, Dori Grayson, Reuben Bell and others - see reviews page.

Candi Staton - Outside In - React / Vital (UK)

New recordings by the great Candi Staton. The material is totally oriented at the current dance scene. While many of the followers of this site may have wished to hear Candi doing more traditional soul music, it must be said that her voice is fully in tact; she sounds young and fresh, and the material is quite good as far as dance tracks go; we all should be happy for her and wish her well on her attempt to rejoin the world of mainstream soul/dance.

various artists - We're a Lover - Westside (UK)

various artists - What More can a Woman Do - Westside (UK)

Male and female versions, respectively, of Westside dip into the vaults of Chicago labels Brunswick, Dakar and Chisound.

The Temptations - You've Got To Earn It - Motown (US)

Previuosly unreleased recordings and alternate takes spanning from 1962 to 1968. This is from the Lost and Found series by Motown, other releases include the Four Tops, Marvin Gaye (albeit most ofhis material unreleased at the time had already been released before on CD), and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.

100 Proof Aged In Soul - Somebody's Been Sleeping in My Bed - Sequel (UK) 

Material off the two Hot Wax albums by this group, mostly led by legendary vocalist Steve Mancha.

Barrino Brothers - I Shall Not Be moved - Sequel (UK) 

Subtitled "The Invictus Sessions", this CD contains their "Living High Off The Goodness Of Your Love" album plus non-LP tracks recorded for the Holland-Dozier-Holland label.

Barbara Acklin - The Brunswick Singles As and Bs - Edsel (UK)

All her Brunswick hits, misses and b sides, including two previously unreleased on LP or CD. My favourite track by her is in here too, "Just ain't no love".

various artists - So Soulful Seventies - Kent (UK)

70's sounds released on Atlantic and related labels, mostly uptempo, and often a little too disco-ish for my tastes, though the Persuaders exquisite (and quite well known) ballad Thin Line Between Love and Hate is included.

various artists - For Millionaires Only 4 - Goldmine (UK)

4th compilation of rarer than usual northern soul records. Tracks: 1. Turbines - We Got To Start Over 2. Sonny Fishback - Heart Breaking Man 3. Don Gardner - Cheatin' Kind 4. Johnny James - Tell You About My Girl (Ain't That Lovin') 5. Unknown Female - You'll Always Be In Style 6. Montclairs - Hey You/Don't Fight It 7. Cody Black - It's Our Time To Fall In Love 8. Tony Daniels - I Won't Cry 9. Little Nicky Soul - I Wanted To Tell You 10. Pee Wee, Shuck & Huey - Beside Myself 11. Stunners - Without You 12. Modern Soul Trio - You Ain't No Good 13. Matadors - Say yes Baby 14. Cleveland Robinson - Boy 15. Mr. Soul - What Happened To Yesterday 16. Caressors - I Can't Stay Away 17. Phil Flowers & The Underdogs - Discontented 18. Bobby Williams - Every Lie You Tell 19. Nat Hall - Why (I Want To Know) 20. Willie Mason & All The Kings Men - Why

various artists - Kev Roberts Presents 100% Casino - Goldmine (UK)

20 tracks, some of them have been released on CD before, but if you haven't got the Mel Britt classic She'll come running back, the CD is worth its price for this track only (though it too has seen been available on CD before).

various artists - Let's Crossover Again- Kent (UK)

Sequel to 1993's Do The Crossover Baby. About 50% unreleased material, the 50% comprising of not too well known Stax sides; more about this when I receive it.

various artists - Soul Satisfaction - MCA (UK)

Very solid northern soul compilation.

various artists - Underground Oldies vols 1 to 4 - ITP (US)

Four very interesting US compilations of little known soul ballads mainly from the late 60's and early 70's, mostly uptownish harmony sounds, somewhere on the line between sweet soul and deep soul. Artists include: Lee Williams & the Cymbals, The Entertainers IV, Magic Touch, The Brothers of Soul, The Pretenders (not Chrissie Hynde's band...), The Whispers, Lost Generation, Linda Jones, The Manhattebs, Timothy Wilson, The Natural Four, James & Bobby Purify and many others. More on this when I get my copies, in the meanwhile thanks to David Cole of In the Basement for giving this info, and to John Lias who told David about them. CDNOW.COM have them if you're interested. See reviews page .

Mickey Murray - Shout Bamalama - Collectables (US)

Not a straight re-release of his 1967 album by that title, but an 18 track compilation.

various artists - At the club - Kent (UK)

various artists - Still Paying Our Dues - Kent (UK)

various artists - Where It's At - Soul in the midnight hour - Kent (UK)

Three mod/northern soul oriented compilations out of the (huge) Atlantic vaults, including the blue Stax era. See reviews page.

various artists - Big Top Soul Cellar - Goldmine (UK)

A lot of first-time-on-CD tracks on this first compilation off the Big Top catalogue, six of them by the great Lou Johnson.

Earl Gains - Lovin' Blues - Westside (UK)

Recordings for Hollywood, Deluxe and King, cut between 1967 - 1973. Expect a lot of deep soul and soul-blues.

Albert Washington - Blues and Soul Man - Ace

Fraternity Material. The late Mr. Washington zigzagged between blues and soul, but IMO was at his best on his deep soul sides, such as Doggin' me round, and his excellent rendition of Otis's These arms of mine, included on this one.

Big Maybelle - What's More / Gospel Soul - Westside

Her two Brunswick albums (the first released in 1962; the latter in 1968). Not the best of her material IMO, but still, what a soul voice.

Some 1999 recordings:

Rufus Thomas: Swing Out (High Stacks) - Not many r&b artists can claim being in the business for 75 years, as Rufus affirms on the sleevenotes of this 10 tracker on Bobby Manuel's new Memphis label!

Willie Clayton - It's About Love (US Sumthing Else) - The ever prolific Mr. Clayton turns up on a new label, with the same old stuff - which is not bad in Willie's case.

Marvin Sease - Hoochie Momma (US Jive) - Regarded by many as 1999's best indie/deep soul album.

Peggy Scott-Adams - Undisputed Truth (US Miss Butch) - Still recapturing the feel of her huge hit Bill, still with Jimmy Lewis producing, still with a mighty fine voice.

Tyrone Davis - Call Tyrone - (US Malaco) - Yes, the last soul label is still at it, though many say with decreasing quality lately. Still it's always good to see a new set from Tyrone, and this is not as bad as some of the critics say it is, although another Can I Change My Mind, it ain't.

various artists - Groovesville Review 3 - Goldmine

Third in Goldmine's series of unreleased Groovesville (Detroit of course) tracks. As before, I note on the track lists lots of "other versions" , a couple of pseudo-duets, and some fake instrumentals (vocal recordings with the vocals taken off). Still it may include the occasional gem - I won't know till I hear it. Don Davis was one of the greatest producers, but these compilations tend to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Here's the track list:
HERMAN LEWIS - Who's Kissing You Tonight : GWEN OWENS - Hit & Run; PARLIAMENTS- That Was My Girl: ORTHEA BARNES- Watch Out Boy: MARION DAVIS/STEVE MANCHA - Not A Word Of Consolation: ROBERT WARD- I'll Love You Forever: Surely: Deeper: Never Alone: Never Alone (instrumental): JIMMY GILFORD- Heartbreaker: Misery Street; EDWIN STARR- You Got To Be Foolin': PAT LEWIS - Genie: Let's Get Together: Warning (instr.) JOHHNY GOODE- Payback: STEVE MANCHA- Still In My Heart: Think Before You Walk Away: WILLIE HATCHER- This And That: JOEY KINGFISH- Did My Baby Call; BARBARA MERCER- Souvenirs: J.J. BARNES/ STEVE MANCHA- Reason For Livin': HOLIDAYS- Watch Out: I Need To Be Needed (instr)

Thanks to Jim Stewart (the UK dealer, not the ex-Stax owner...) for providing the track listings.

various artists - Wheelsville Wonders - Goldmine

This one sounds a lot better than the former. I will soon get and let you know.

FABULOUS PREPS-Detroit Michigan: You Never Had It So Good; Speak Your Piece: DEE EDWARDS-Oh What A Party; Greatest Thing: His Majesty My Love: He Told Me Lies: LEE ROGERS-Go Go Girl:I'm A Practical guy: Sweet Baby Talk: My One And Only: I Want You To Have Everything: Our Love Is More; Sad Affair: I Need Your Love; PRECISIONS-You're Sweet: My Lover Came Back: RONNIE LOVE-Always Be Good: CHUCK HENTLY-I'm Trying To Get Over: CODY BLACK-Too Many Irons In The Fire: I Will Give You Love: LI'L SOUL BROTHERS- What Can It Be: MIKE HANKS- The Hawk: MAGICTONES-Me And My Baby: SILKY HARGREAVES-Go On Girl: TERRY DAY- I'm So Glad: DON HEART - Don't Give In: DIMENSIONS- He's A Lover

Candi Staton - Southern Soul Masters EMI 5200202

At last, a good compilation of Candi's Fame recorded sides. 26 tracks. Sadly, no previously unreleased stuff. A's and B's of her first 7 Fame 45's, then a few more A sides and a few more album tracks from her first three albums.

Apparently this release has been either postponed or deleted - watch this space for further news.

See the Candi Staton discography & sounds.

Roy C - I'm Working Hard For You Baby - Three Gems TGS 120

New release from the ever prolific Mr. C, on his own South Carolina label.

Roscoe Shelton - Let It Shine - Black Top BT 1149

New soul-blues release from this mighty veteran.

various artists - Stax Funk 2 - Stax CDSXD 128

Late 60's and early 70's funk from Stax - including personal favourites Movin Dancer (Bobby Holley), Hoppin John (Melvin Van Peebles), which just happen to be featured on my own recently constructed funky page - by pure coinsidence. Great soul minds think alike. The rest of the stuff includes some more well known tracks - e.g. Who's making love, JT, so this will probably lure both newcomers and old comers.

various artists - Chicago Soul Cellar - Charly CDNEW 136 (Germany)

A third CD in Charly's series dedicated to George Leaner's Chicago labels, this time, as expected, covering some of the M-Pac catalogue. Again, some of the more northern soul oriented tracks are featured on Goldmine's recent CD dedicated to the same label, but the coverage here is broader. Features Harold Burrage (6 tracks) and Willie Parker (4 tracks), amongst many others.

various artists - Get Involved - 20 Modern Soul Anthems - Capitol 96835-2(UK) Modern meaning 70's... featuring amongst others, George Soule (title track), Gwen McRae, Bobby Byrd, Z.Z. Hill, Margie Alexander, George Jackson (a 1969 track from him, "My desires are getting the best of me"). Mostly relatively unknown tracks, with some more well known ones.

Tyrone Davis - Ladies Choice - The Dakar Recordings - Edsel FBook 20 (UK) Three CD book set, 63 tracks: most of the recordings - A sides, B sides and LP tracks that Davis has made for Daka in the 60's and 70's.

Bobby Patterson - Storyteller - Good Time GTR 0001 (UK)New UK label debuts with a re-release of Bobby Patterson's album from 1975 on Proud Records (credited to "Bobby Story"), enhanced by 5 perviously unreleased tracks and two non-LP 45 sides from the same time.

various artists - Malaco 30 Year Box Set: The Last Soul Company - Malaco (US), 6 CD box set

"Jackson, Mississippi-based Malaco Records, long respected for its true-to-the-roots recordings, will release a six-CD box set titled "Malaco 30 Year Box Set: The Last Soul Company." The set, expected to be released in early 1999, contains 112 songs from the likes of ****King Floyd, Dorothy Moore, ZZ Hill, Johnnie Taylor, Little Milton, Denise LaSalle, Latimore, Bobby Blue Bland, Shirley Brown, Bobby Womack and many others****that helped to make Malaco the most respected R&B/blues label over those 30 years. The box set contains extensive liner notes by Grammy winning author **Rob Bowman**, who penned "Soulsville, U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records."

For more information, check out Malaco Records' web site

various artists - Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 2 - CDKEND 158

The sequel to 1996's legendary volume 1. This time it's a bit less rarity-oriented, so some of you deep soul collectors out there may have most of these tracks on vinyl or CD - but still this is a marvelous collection. Here is the track listing:

How Was I To Know You Cared - Doris Duke / I'm Not Gonna Give Up - Eddie Holman / The Sweeter He Is (Parts 1 & 2) - The Soul Children / I Don't Want Nobody But My Baby - Tony Owens / It Was A Lie - Bobby Moore & The Formosts / A Love That Never Grows Cold - Jimmy & Louise Tig And Company / It's All Over - Ben E King / I'm Sorry I Hurt You - Nat Phillips / What Will Tomorrow Bring? - Wendy Rene / Let Nothing Separate Us - Arthur Conley / These Four Walls - Irma Thomas / If I Could See You One More Time - Johnny Adams / I'll Run Your Hurt Away - Ruby Johnson / Make It Me - The Premiers / Losin' Boy - Eddie Giles / A Shell Of A Woman - Doris Allen / Just One More Day - Otis Redding / Go Now - Bessie Banks/ Cryin' In The Streets (Part 1) - George Perkins & The Silver Stars / How Much Can A Man Take? - Big John Hamilton / Anyone But You - Barbara West / Stop! Look What You're Doing To Me - Carla Thomas / Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Toussaint McCall / Hiding In Shadows - Eddie & Ernie / (Let's) Take A Chance - Lisa Richards

For Millionaires Only (volume 3) - Goldmine (UK)

Part three of the ultra-rarities series by Goldmine. Details to follow.

Sam Dees - Heritage Of A Black Man - Kent CDKEND 161 (UK)

Follow up to 1995's "Second To None". Again, unreleased material from the early 70's.

various artists - Good Guys Don't Always Win - Hotlanta Soul - Kent CDKEND 163 (UK)

Eearly 70's southern/deep soul from Atlanta's Hotlanta and related labels.

various artists - Windy City Soul - Charly CDNEW 134 (Germany) (see review).

Follow up to Charly's Chicago Twine Time (see review). While the former CD focused on Mar-V-Lus, this one focuses on the sister label One-derful. There's some overlap (about half of the tracks) with Goldmine's One-derful, Mar-V-Lus Northern Soul (also reviewed), but the other half contains some of the best non-Northern Soul sides from this label.

various artists - 5000 Volts of Stax - Ace/Stax - CDSXD 116 (UK)

The 5th in this series of unreleased recordings by Stax/Volt. This one focuses on the late 60's / early 70's "yellow" Stax period (and "blue" Volt!).

Geater Davis - Sadder Shades of Blue - Westside WESA 806 (UK)

Spans the latsoul-blues artist's stay at Luna, Seventy Seven and Ace, 1971 to 1977.

Tyrone Davis - Turning Back The Hands Of Time / The Soul Of - Edsel DIAB 873 (UK)

All his Dakar 45's (A sides) from 1968 to 1975, including A woman needs to be loved (original A side of Can I change my mind) but not including great B sides like I keep coming back nor album tracks.

various artists - Shrine, The Rarest Soul Label - Kent CDKEND 160 (UK)

A compilation of tracks from Eddie Singleton D.C. based label that for some reason appears to have released limited quantities of its records, therefore dooming practically all of them to rarity status.

Johnny Adams - Man Of My Word - Rounder 2155-2 (US)

The Tan Canary's last recordings before he passed away, recorded in 1998. See more in the News Page. I hope to review this soon.

Jimmy Lewis - Beauty Shop Gossip - Miss Butch MB 4007 (US)

More current southern soul from the ever prolific Mr. Lewis.

Syl Johnson - Bridge To A Legacy - Ashtone's ANT 0041 (US)

Current stuff by Twilight/Twinight/Hi veteran, including a nice duet with his daughter

various artists - The Rhythm & Blues of Dayco Records - Stella STCD 004 (UK)

Late 60's stuff on Eddie Daye's own label, formed after his stay with Shrine, featuring Eddie with the Four Bars and Betty Wilson.

various artists - Detroit Undercovered - Goldmine GSCD117 (UK)

30 tracks, Detroit Northern Soul, including some mid tempo tracks like the beautiful Twenty Grands' Giving up your love is like (giving up the world). Most tracks new to CD, some overlap though with "The Detroit Soul of Popcorn Wylie".

various artists - Dancin' in D-Town - Goldmine GSCD 131 (UK)

30 tracks, Goldmine's second dip into the D-Town vaults.

various artists - Northern Soul Lost & Found Vol. 2 - Goldmine GSCD 95 (UK)

Volume 2 of Goldmine's Mercury-related compilations.

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