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Johnny Daye Discography

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I'll keep on loving you / One of these days - Blue Star 230

Marry me / Give me back my ring - Jomada M600 * 1965

Good time / I've got soul - Jomada - M603 * 1966

A lot of progress / You're on top - Parkway 119 * 1967

What'll I do for satisfaction / I need somebody - Stax 238 * 1968

Stay baby stay / I love love - Stax 0004 * 1968

Just six 45's, but what a singer. No. 1 "Blue-eyed" soul singer in my book, no contest. His Jomada sides were produced by Johnny Nash and were excellent, but his last 45, produced by Steve Cropper at Stax, was nothing short of magic. That he never recorded again after this one is beyond my understanding - or did he? Any more details about the man and his records would be most welcome.

I'm also looking for the Blue Star 45, preferably the record or on a tape- anyone?

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