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Moses Dillard Discography

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Moses Dillard & the Dynamic Showmen

They don't want us together / I'll pay the price - Mark V 20-66 * 1964

Pretty as a picture / Go way baby - Mark V 40-26 * 1965?

Moses & Joshua Dillard

My elusive dreams / What's better than love - Mala 575 * 1967

Get out of my heart / They don't want us together - Mala 598 * 1968

Sons of Moses

Soul symphony / Fatback - Coral 62549 * 1968

The a side is the instrumental track of "Get out of my heart".

Moses Dillard & the Tex-Town Display

I've got to find a way pt. 1 / I've got to find a way pt. 2 - Curtom 1950 * 1970

Our love is True / Thank God for (this thing called love) - Curtom 1958 * 1971

Cheating teasing and misleading / We gotta come together - Shout 248 * 1972

I promised to love you / We gotta come together - Shout 253 * 1972

Moses Dillard & Martha Starr

Cheating teasing and misleading / You can't laugh it off - Shout 248 * 1972

Moses Dillard & Lovejoy

Theme from Lovejoy / Good stuff - 1-2-3 711 * 1974


I got my mind together / If you don't mean it, don't touch me - Piedmont 075 * 1977

Dillard & Johnson

Here we go loving again / inst.- Piedmont 076 * 1977

Thanks to Michael Lofthouse for this addition.

Here we go loving again / Fairytale come true - Epic 8 50239 * 1977

Thanks to Nobby for this one.

Saturday Night Band

Come on dance, dance / ? - Prelude 71104 * 1978

Dillard & Boyce

Love zone / ? - Mercury 76061 * 1980

I feel your love / I should be loving you - Mercury 76073 * 1980

Source: Soul Survivor Number 10, 1989. Last two tracks added by Blaise Schmitter


Moses Dillard & the Tex-Town Display - Now - TEX-TOWN 921 * 1969

Going Out Of My Head / By The Time I Get To Phoenix / T-Bone Steak / Tribute To Wes (Montgomery) / Are You For Real / Won't Somebody Help Me / You Can't Laugh It Off / We Got A Long Way To Go / Cry Like A Baby / Bring Your Dreams To Me

Dillard & Boyce [with Jesse Boyce, lead vocals] - Mercury LP1-3826 * 1980

Love Zone / Feel Your Love / Love Is All I'm After / Love Is In The Melody / Rock On The Block / We're In This Thing Together / I Should Be Loving You / Everybody Is A Singer

LP's Added by Blaise Schmitter

Dan Goss adds: Moses Dillard worked with Jesse Boyce writing and producing several albums in the late 1970's. e.g. Lorraine Johnson's Learning To Dance All Over Again-Prelude 1978, Constellation Orchestra's Perfect Love Affair-Prelude 1979.

Moses Dillard was a discovered by Otis Redding who liked his guitar playing style, and consequentally he played guitar on Fame recordings (such as Sweet Soul Music by Arthur Conley, and the rest of AC's early Fame recordings such as Let's go steady and Whole lotta woman). He later moved to Papa Don Schroeder Productions (staying in Muscle Shoals), becoming Papa Don's vice president, and playing on records by James & Bobby Purify and Mighty Sam among others, released on Bell and Mala. His work with Mighty Sam continued into the latter's 80's comeback. As a vocalist his 60's and 70's output was sporadic but of the highest quality. The Moses & Joshua Dillard tracks on Mala are among the best on this revered label. Joshua was actually neither a Dillard nor a Joshua - his real name was James Moore.

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Moses Dillard and the Tex Town Display -

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