Goldwax Discography

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Lyrics - Darling / How a woman does her man - Goldwax 101

Oboe - Day the world cried (pt. 1) / Day the world cried (pt. 2) - Goldwax 102

Bobby McDowel - Our last quarrel / These ain't raindrops - Goldwax 103

Oboe McClinton & the Keys - She's better than you / Too slow - Goldwax 104

Lyrics - The side wind / So hard to get along - Goldwax 105

O. V. Wright - That's how strong my love is / There goes my used to be - Goldwax 106

Eddie Boyd - I can't fight this much longer / Now and then - Goldwax 107

James Carr - You don't want me / Only fools run away - Goldwax 108

Phillip and the Faithfuls - Love me / Rhythm Marie - Goldwax 109

Ovations featuring Louis Williams - Won't you call / Pretty little angel - Goldwax 110

Gene "Bowlegs" Miller - Bowlegged /Toddlin' - Goldwax 111

James Carr - I can't make it / Lover's competition - Goldwax 112

Ovations featuring Louis Williams - Dance party / It's wonderful to be in love - Goldwax 113

Ovations featuring Louis Williams - They say / Me and my imagination - Goldwax 114

Dorothy Williams - The well's gone dry / Country style - Goldwax 115

Al Vance - Every woman I know / Have you seen Jean - Goldwax 116

Ovations featuring Louis Williams - Recipe for love / I'm living good - Goldwax 117

Spencer Wiggins - Love works that way / I'll be true to you - Goldwax 118

James Carr - She's better than you / Talk talk - Goldwax 119

Lamars - My motor byke balked / Patsy - Goldwax 120

Ovations - Don't cry / I need a lot of loving - Goldwax 300

Vel-Tones - Darling / I do - Goldwax 301

James Carr - You've got my mind messed up / That's what I want to know - Goldwax 302

Yo Yo's - Leaning on you / I can't forget it - Goldwax 303

Oboe - Trying to make it / I'm just that kind of fool - Goldwax 304

Gene "Bowlegs" Miller - Here it is now / What time ye got - Goldwax 305

Ovations - I believe I'll go back home / Qualifications - Goldwax 306

Ivory Joe Hunter / Every little bit helped me / I can make you happy - Goldwax 307

Spencer Wiggins - The kind of woman that's got no heart / Take me just as I am - Goldwax 308

James Carr - Love attack / Coming back to you baby - Goldwax 309

Yo Yo's - Gotta find a new love - Goldwax 310

James Carr - Pouring water on a drowning man / Forgetting you - Goldwax 311

Spencer Wiggins - Old friend / Walking out on you - Goldwax 312

Geroge & Greer - You didn't know it but you had me / Good times - Goldwax 313

Ovations - Me and my imagination / They say - Goldwax 314

Percy Milem - Crying baby baby baby / Call on me - Goldwax 315

Eddie Jefferson - Some other time / When you look in the mirror - Goldwax 316

James Carr - Dark end of the street / Lovable girl - Goldwax 317

Barbara Perry - Say you need me / Inlovable - Goldwax 318

Terry's - Cry me a handful / Stormy love affair - Goldwax 319

Timmy Thomas - Have some boogaloo / Liquid mood - Goldwax 320

Spencer Wiggins - Uptight good woman / Anything you do is alright - Goldwax 321

Ovations - I've gotta go / Ride my trouble and blues away - Goldwax 322

James Carr - Let it happen / A losing game - Goldwax 323

Carmel Taylor - Here comes the fool / Did she ask about me - Goldwax 324

Terry's - Stay away from Brenda / I don't feel guilty - Goldwax 325

Percy Milem - I don't know what you got / She's about a mover - Goldwax 326

Timmy Thomas - It's my life / Whole lotta shakin' going on - Goldwax 327

James Carr - I'm a fool for you / Gonna send you back to Georgia - Goldwax 328

Wee Willie Walker - Ticket to ride / There goes my used to be - Goldwax 329

Spencer Wiggins - The power of a woman / Lonely man - Goldwax 330

Jeanne Newman - He called me baby / Good apples fall - Goldwax 331

James Carr - A man needs a woman / Stranger than love - Goldwax 332

Spencer Wiggins - That's how much I love you / A poor man's son - Goldwax 333

Five C's - Love is a tricky thing / If you're looking for a man - Goldwax 334

James Carr - Life turned her that way / Message to young lovers - Goldwax 335

Ben Atkins and the Nomads - Love is beautiful thing / Love is beautiful thing (inst) - Goldwax 336

Spencer Wiggins - Once in a while / He's too old - Goldwax 337

James Carr - Freedom train / That's the way love turned for me - Goldwax 338

Spencer Wiggins - I never loved a woman / Soul city USA - Goldwax 339

James Carr - To love somebody / These ain't raindrops - Goldwax 340

Ovations - Rocking chair / Happiness - Goldwax 341

Ovations - You had your choice / I'm living good - Goldwax 342

James Carr - Row your boat / Everybody needs somebody - Goldwax 343

The source for this discography is Shades of Soul fanzine, acknowledgements to Derek Pearson, Ken Klee, Steve Armitage, Colin Dilnot, Ray Ellis, Graham Coates, and Andy Rix - it takes a whole lot of collectors to make a good discography! The format with Goldwax appearing again and again at the end of each entry is so in order to make it compatible with other record entries, with the final objective of adding this list to a the gigantic complete soul data file everybody's dreaming of...

Thanks also to Peter Hoogers for helping out with a few tracks that were missing on the original discography.

Also thanks to Mike Gray of Melbourne, Australia for supplying the info about the last missing track we had - #114!

Peter Hoogers wrote in from Holland:

I have two more records on Goldwax:

Percy Milem: I slipped a little/I'm crying over you - Goldwax 201

Barry Margolis wrote

The Percy Milem single "I Slipped a Little" is from the post-Bell distributed era. Possibily the very early 1970's.

Also mentioned by Peter Hoogers: Spencer Wiggins: Old friend/The power of a woman/ That's how much I love you/Once in a while - Goldwax EPG-503

I have that EP too - the numbering hints that there were at least two or three more EP's. What were they? - Yoni

Mike Gray wrote in from Melbourne : I have never seen on any sale auction list the following: 102/104/304 (Oboe), 103, 303/310/ (Yo Yo's) 324 (Carmel Taylor) 325/319 (Terrys) were they released? are their many copies around?

Some info about distribution of Goldwax courtesy of Barry Margolis: most of the 100's series were distributed by Vee Jay. After Vee Jay's collapse, Goldwax may have been independent for some time at the end of the 100's sereies, then the Bell distribution deal was signed, with which the 300's series were started.

The Lyrics - So hard to get along stream it or download it

courtesy of Pekka Halonen

O. V. Wright - That's how strong my love is stream it or download it

George & Greer - You didn't know it but you had me stream it or download it

courtesy of Pekka Halonen

The Ovations - They say stream it or download it

courtesy of Nancy Yahiro

Percy Milem - Crying baby baby baby stream it or download it

James Carr - That's what I want to knowstream it or download it

James Carr - Pouring water on a drawning manstream it or download it

James Carr - At the dark end of the streetstream it or download it

James Carr - I'm a fool for youstream it or download it

James Carr - You hurt me so goodstream it or download it

unreleased at the time in the US.

James Carr - A losing gamestream it or download it

James Carr - Freedom trainstream it or download it

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