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Homer Banks Discography

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Sweetie pie / Lady of stone - Genie 101 * 1965

A lot of love / Fighting to win - Minit 32000 * 1966

60 minutes of your love / Do you know what - Minit 32008 * 1966

Lady of stone / Hooked by love - Minit 32020 * 1967

Round the clock lover man / Foolish hearts break fast - Minit 32036 * 1968

(Who you gonna run to) me or your mama / I know you know I know I know - Minit 32056 * 1968

with Carl Hampton:-

Caught in the act / Make due with whatcha got - WB 8177 * 1976

Wonderful / Its got to be this way WB 8199 * 1977

I'm gonna have to tell her / We're movin' on WB 8344 * 1977


"Passport to Ecstacy" WB 2993 * 1977

Many thanks to John Ridley for this discograohy.

Like George Jackson, Sam Dees, Jimmy Lewis, perhaps Dan Penn, Homer Banks was primarily known as a writer, but he also was one hell of a singer. I never did understand why he did not record as an artist for Stax.

Here's a very partial list of some of the songs he was invloved in writing - big hits and personal favourites of mine; many of the as a third of the legendary We Three writing team at Stax (with Betty Cruthcer and the late Raymond Jackson Jr.), many others with Carl Hampton: Who's making love, Take care of your homework, I could never be president, Hold on this time, Mr. Nobody is somebody now, Separation line (for Johnnie Taylor), Long walk to DC, The gardner, If you're ready come go with me, Touch a hand make a friend, We'll get over (for the Staples Singers), Ain't that loving you (for more reasons than one) (first Johnnie Taylor, then Luther Ingram and Hayes and Porter as performers), (If loving you is wrong) I don't want to be right, I'll be your shelter (for Luther Ingram), I can't stand up for falling down, I've seen what loneliness can do (Sam & Dave), I'm drifting (Wilson Pickett), Nothing can break through, These old memories (The Mad Lads) I like what you're doing to me (Carla Thomas), What will later on be like, It's unbelievable (Jeanne & the Darlings), Just because your love is gone (Darrell Banks), Let 'em down baby, Lock me up (Jimmy Hughes), Love makes it right, I'll be the other woman (The Soul Children), Woman to woman (Shirley Brown), Taxi (J. Blackfoot), Too many lovers (Shack), Lovin' on borrowed time (William Bell), Caught in the act of gettin' it on (Facts of Life), Better to have and don't need (Don Covay) - to name but a few.

Interestingly, several of the songs he recorded as an artist were not his own. Of the tracks provided below on RealAudio, he only co-wrote A lot of love (with Deanie Parker); the rest of the tracks are all Hayes / Porter compositions.

Lady of stone stream it or download it

A lot of love stream it or download it

Fighting to win stream it or download it

60 minutes of your love stream it or download it

Do you know what stream it or download it

Hooked by love stream it or download it

Foolish hearts break fast stream it or download it courtesy of Martin Goggin

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