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The Soul of the Net started out in 1997 as one of the first soul music sites on the Internet. For the past few years I have not had time to update the site's content or graphics. Too busy doing other things,  but still keeping the faith of course, DJing from time to time and even writing some music (scroll down for a youtube link below for my first song released on the Acid Jazz label). A lot of the songs featured on the site are by now available on Youtube or elsewehre, but many of them are not. I hope the discographies and reviews I had written are still of value to soul fans, so I've decided to leave the site online, as an archive.

Yoni, July 2012

Note: The site includes sound samples low sampling rate (16 to 32kbps). The samples are intended to promote the interest in the music and purchasing of the original tracks on vinyl, CD or online.

The samples were encoded using an old Real Audio format that is not supported any more by Real Networks. Your best bet for playing the sounds would be using VLC Media Player, a free, open source and portanle player. Download the .ra files (click the download links or the blue arrow icon), then choose VLC to open them.

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 21st Century Soul 

TASC: Tel Aviv Soul Club (archives) 

some new soul that's going around in the second millenium

Tel Aviv's own Men of North Country doing The North

... and a first release of a song I co-wrote, a soul ballad with a jazzy feel

Some more of my favorite current artists... Eli Paperboy Reed, Sharon Jones, Lee Fields, Charles Bradley.

The John Ridley Page on SOTN - rare deep soul
for some reviews contributed in the late 1990's by John Ridley to the Soul of the Net
 visit Sir Shambling's own marvelous deep soul site Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven 

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