George Jackson Discography

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George & Greer (George Jackson & Dan Greer)

Good Times / You Didn't Know But You Had Me - Goldwax 313 * 1966

As Louie Palmer

How do you quit drinking wine / Don't leave me - Bootheel 178 * ? added by Nobby

I don't care / Have I been untrue - Bootheel 181 * ? added by Nobby

As George Jackson

Won't Nobody Cha-Cha With Me / Who Was That Guy - PRANN 5003 * 1963

There goes my pride / Blinkety blink - Dot 16724 * 1963 added by John Ridley

Rufus come and get your dog / Tender love - Doro 888 * 1963? added by John Ridley

Cold cold love / I just got to have you - Public 1002 added by Nobby

Wonderful Dream / Dancing Man - Decca 32317 * 1968 [shown as Bart Jackson]

That's the kind of man I am / ? * CRS added by Nobby

Find 'em Fool 'em and Forget 'em / My Desires Are Getting The Best Of Me - Fame 1457 * 1969

I'm Gonna Wait / So Good To Me - Hi 2130 * 1969

That's How Much You Mean To Me / I'm Gonna Hold On (To What I Got) - Fame 1468 * 1970 BB 48

I found what I wanted / Love hijacker * Verve 10658 * 1970 added by Nobby, date supplied by Bosko Asanovic.

Aretha, Sing One For Me / I'm Gonna Wait - Hi 2212 * 1972 BB 38

Let Them Know You Care / Patricia - Hi 2336 * 1973

We've Only Just Begun / You Can't Run Away From LOve - MGM 14680 * 1973

How Can I Get Next To You? / Willie Lump Lump - MGM 14767 * 1974

(If I Could Get On That) Soul Train / Smoking and Drinking - MGM 14767 * 1974

Things Are Getting Better / Macking On You - Chess 2167 * 1975

Talking About The Love I Have For You / I Don't Need You No More - ER Music 101 * 1976

I'm Never Gonna Leave You New York / Try A Little Tenderness - Keylock 7201 * ?

As The Gotham Flasher, added by Martin Goggin

Fast Young Lady / Funky Disco Music - Muscle Shoals Sound 9801 * 1979

Ain't nothing but sorrow (down Atlanta way) / We need you more - Crosstown 581 * 1981 J. Ridley again

Times Are Tough / Bringing It Home To Me - Washataw 1001 * 1984

Sam, We'll Never Foret You / A Little Extra Stroke * Happy Hooker 1080 * 1985

Credited to George Jackson with Louis Williams - thanks to Mike Gray of Oz for making that point.

Barbara Carr - Not a word / What's wrong - Bar Car 004 * 1985

George Jackson duets with Barbara on the A side (but not on B, and not on the LP version of Not a word) - Thanks again to Mike Gray for supplying this entry.

Strugglin' lady / If its love you're trying to fight - Hep Me 1051 * 1993

Source: Soul Survivor Magazine, Number 6, Winter 1986/87, and John Ridley, personal communication for the Dot, Crosstown and Hep Me 45's. J. Ridley also adds:
On P-Vine (Japanese) LP 343 "Early Memphis Sounds" there were 2 tracks "I don't understand" and "Old friend
". Thanks also to Nobby for his several contributions.

Yoni's remarks:

The most recent recording I know of by George Jackson as a vocalist was a CD issued in 1993 in the UK on Garry Cape's Black Grape label. Ten tracks, recorded in 1991 in Pearl, Mississippi. George Jackson is still in great vocal form, but the backing tracks lack tightness, and none of the tracks is on par with the best of his late 60's / early 70's recordings. Still wonderful to see that George Jackson still recording in the 90's, and let's hope we get more from him as a performer.

George Jackson has been of course very successful as a writer since the late 60's, and to this day he is a staff writer for Malaco reccords. Recently he wrote two of the tracks in Johnnie Taylor's magnificent 1996 album on Malaco, "Good Love!".

In fact George Henry Jackson has about 450 entries on the BMI catalogue.

P.S. George Jackosn - That lonely night / When I stop loving you * Double R is a record that comes up in Northern Soul circles - apparently no relation to our George Jackson.

Karl Mitchell wrote in: Don't Use Me / Don't Have Time To Love You - Mercury 72782 - I think it's the same guy . Controversy! Others think it isn't. Well, The soul of the net will eventually find this out for you.

George Jackson on CD:

GJ appears on many compilations of Hi recordings, but on most of them only his one chart record for Hi, Aretha, sing one for me appears. His best representation on CD is on The Hi Records Collection Vol. 2, (UK release HIUKCD 136, in 1992), where 5 of his best recordings are included: I'm gonna wait, So good to me, Aretha, Let them know you care, Patricia - both volumes of this series are strongly recommended.

There goes my pridestream it or download it

courtesy of John Ridley

You didn't know it but you had me - George & Greer stream it or download it

courtesy of Pekka Halonen

Wonderful dream - "Bart" Jackson stream it or download it

I'm gonna wait stream it or download it

Aretha, sing one for mestream it or download it

Patriciastream it or download it

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