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Wilson Pickett Discography

The 60's

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Falcons with lead vocals by Wilson Pickett:

Your'e on my mind / Anna - Lupine 003 (WP lead vocals on B side only)

I found a love / The Swim - Lupine 1003 * 1962

I don't want no part time love / Billy the Kid - London (UK) 10146 - (Shown as Wilson Pickett, probably previously unreleased Falcons tracks, WP on lead vocals on both tracks).

Let's kiss and make up / Take this love I got - Atlantic 2179 * 1962

Wilson Pickett solo records:

If You need me / Baby call on me - Double L 713 * 1962

It's Too Late / I'm gonna love you - Double L 717 * 1963

I'm down to my last heartbreak / I can't stop - Double L 724 * 1963

My heart belongs to you / Let me be your boy - Verve 10378 / Correc-tone 501 * 1963

I'm gonna cry / For better or worse - Atlantic 2233 *1964

Come home baby / Take a little love - Atlantic 2271 * 1964

... and then came the first trip to Stax, Memphis.

In the midnight hour / I'm not tired - Atlantic 2289 * 1965

Don't fight it / It's all over - Atlantic 2306 * 1965

634 - 5789 / That's a man's way - Atlantic 2320 * 1966

Ninety nine and a half / Danger zone - Atlantic 2334 * 1966

After that one was the break with Stax, and Pickett moved to Fame, Muscle Shoals for...

Land of 1000 dances / You're so fine - Atlantic 2348 * 1966

Mustang Sally / Three time loser - Atlantic 2365 * 1966

Evrybody needs somebody to love / Nothing you can do - Atlantic 2381 * 1967

I found a love pt. 1 / I found a love pt. 2 (re-recording) - Atlantic 2394 * 1967

You can't stand alone / Soul dance #3 - Atlantic 2412 * 1967

Funky Broadway / I'm sorry about that - Atlantic 2430 * 1967

I'm in love / Stag-O-Lee - Atlantic 2448 * 1967

I've come a long way / Jealous love - Atlantic 2484 * 1968

She's looking good / We've got to have love - Atlantic 2504 * 1968

I found a true love / For better or worse - Atlantic 2558 * 1968

A man and a half / People make the world - Atlantic 2575 * 1968

Hey Jude / Search your heart - Atlantic 2591 * 1968

Mini-skirt Minnie / Back in your arms - Atlantic 2611 * 1969

Born to be wild / Toe hold - Atlantic 2631 * 1969

Hey Joe / Night Owl - Atlantic 2648 * 1969

You keep me hanging on / Now you see me now you don't - Atlantic 2682 * 1969

Sugar sugar / Cole Cooke and Redding - Atlantic 2722 * 1970

To be continued...

By and by I will complete the Wilson Pickett Discography... though I do hope we haven't heard the last of him on record. Well, he is on 1998 release, on the soundtrack of The Blues Bros 2000, on a rerecording of 634-5789, along with Eddie Floyd, the writer of this track; although the recording is, no surprise, far inferior to the original, Pickett sings very well, and given a good production I'm sure he can stingle a few spines again on new recordings.

For more on Wilson Pickett's Atlantic era see the chat & trivia page

Source: Sweet Soul Music Magazine, No. 4. 1986. Based on a discography compiled by Pierre Daguerre and Kurt Mohr

Martin of San Diego says Let me be your boy was also released on Correc-tone 501, and there are rumors yet to be confirmed of another release on Cub 9113

Yoni's remarks:

The Double L sessions produced Wilson Pickett's first LP, issued on several labels: Double L (LP2300) , Wand (LP 672), titled Great Wilson Pickett Hits, Trip (LP 8010), and various other labels around the world, most of them issued years later, after Wilson Pickett became a soul superstar. The LP is one of soul music's first and finest. It contains 5 additional tracks to the 6 issued on Double L singles: Baby don't you weep, Peace Breaker, I'll never be the same, Give all your lovin' right now, plus an instrumental with alternate titles: RB Special / Robert's monkey beat, depending on the label the LP was issued on. I have recently seen a CD reissue of this LP.

The rest of Wileon Pickett's 60's LPs are

In The Midnight Hour - Atlantic LP 8114

The Exciting Wilson Pickett - Atlantic LP 8129

The Wicked Pickett - Atlantic LP 8138

The Sound of Wilson Pickett - Atlantic LP 8145

I'm In Love - Atlantic LP 8175

The Midnight Mover - Atlantic LP 8183

Hey Jude - Atlantic - LP 8215

Right On - Atlantic - LP 8250

track listings to follow... eventually. But you all know these albums. don't you. Every decent home should have them all, I say.

The Verve B side was a Northern Soul hit.

I have found an additional track with Wilson Pickett lead vocals with the Falcons, not mentioned in the Daguerre/Mohr discography, Pow, you're in love, a fine lilting tune, it appears on a Stateside LP issued in the UK in 1986: Motor City Roots, containing one side with early Marv Johnson tracks and the other with Falcons tracks, the only one of which that features WP on lead vocals is the above mentioned.

The CD I found a love - The Falcons on Relic contains 5 WP tracks: Anna, Billy the kid, I don't want no part time love ( a haunting bluesy number), and the two Falcons tracks which made their way to WP's first Atlantic LP, In the Midnight Hour: Let's kiss and make up and Take this love I got. The LP released in 1965 contained just 4 Stax recorded tracks: In the midnight hour, Don't fight it, I'm not tired and That's a man's way. The rest of the album consisted of older tracks, including tracks that were previously issued as by the Falcons: the 3 Atlantic singles on the above discography, I found a love, and Teardrops will fall, recorded in New York in 1964 and first released on this LP.

Unreleased Wilson Pickett

According to Daguerre/Mohr, somewhere there are master tapes with tracks recorded live at the Uptown Theater, Philadelphia, and at the Apollo on July and October 1964 (and I refuse to say respectively): Call on me, It's all right (The Impression's song?), Cry baby (the Garnet Mimms song?) It's too late, and a duet on If you need me by Wilson Pickett and Solomon Burke (which goes to show that there were no hard feelings between both singers after competing on the same song at the same time in 1963). Two more Uptown tracks were released on Atlantic LP 8101 (Saturday Night at the Uptown) - If you need me and I'm gonna cry. But where are the others? Are the digital remastering labels aware of this stuff?

Talking about unissued material, Daguerre/Mohr's discography which goes on to the rest of Wilson Pickett's career, lists more Wilson Pickett tracks that were never released. There were two covers recorded in 1966 in Muscle Shoals: I've been loving you too long and When a man loves a woman. Then comes a lean period from the point of view of unreleased recordings, probably in coreleation with the Wicked's most successful years, and then from 1969/1970 there are quite a lot of unreleased tracks:

The Right On album sessions took place in Criteria Studios, Miami, and in Muscle Shoals. The Miami sessions produced four tracks that were not released at the time: Gonna be a big change (recorded August 1969), Pray for the rain, (October 1969) Still good still like it, Let it come naturally (November 1969). The latter track was released in the recent I'm in Love CD as a bonus track, although it doesn't belong to the original album chronologically. However the other three Right On rejects remain unreleased.

Wilson Pickett's last Atlantic recording session took place in February 1972, in Muscle Shoals. It produced the single Funk factory / One step away, and four unreleased tracks: Heaven, You can't stop a man in love, Don't forget the bridge and a rework of If you need me. These tracks were probably intended to appear on the next Atlantic LP which never materialized because of the Wicked's (unsuccessful) move to RCA.

PS - The Italian language single Un Aventura , unreleased in the US, was issued in Italian Atlantic 3097, b/w a semi-Italian language version of I'm in love - Amo te. Aventura, an interesting uptempo track, was performed by Pickett in the 19th Festival of San Remo - and by the way, somewhere there must be video footage of this performance.

Talking about video, the soul part in BBC TV's rock history series "Dancing in the Streets", called R-E-S-P-E-C-T, features a currently taped interview with the Wicked, which is sadly quite short (or edited), and also a short passage from Steal Away which he sings a-capella - and he seems in fine talking and singing form. The program is mercilessly edited, but has some interesting footage - I hope to review it soon in my "in construction" videotape review section.

I found a love stream it or download it

his first hit, as lead singer with the Falcons

I don't want no part time lovestream it or download it

a relatively unknown track with the Falcons

I'll never be the same stream it or download it

I can't stop stream it or download it

two from his first, stunning LP on Double L / Wand.

My heart belongs to you stream it or download it

flip of the relatively obscure Verve / Correc-tone 45, just before he was signed at Atlantic.

That's a man's way stream it or download it

flip of 634-5789

I'm driftin' stream it or download it

From the Exciting Wilson Pickett LP, a storming track recorded at Stax

She's so good to me stream it or download it

Still from the Exciting Wilson Pickett LP, one of the first collaborations with Bobby Womack, recorded in Muscle Shoals.

I'm sorry about that stream it or download it

A classic ballad from the pen of Bobby Womack, stunning song, singing and classical-music level backing.

Mini skirt Minnie stream it or download it

Non album 45.

Un'avventura stream it or download it

Pickett's entry to the 1969 San Remo (Italy) song festival - was never released in the US.

Not enough love to satisfy stream it or download it

I've yet to complete Pickett's discography of the 70's and beyond, but this is my pick of his 1971 album Don't Knock My Love.

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