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I've done this on my Trivia Page before - and in fact there's still an unanswered intro there... but now I am going to make it a bit easier - the intros on this page will all be taken off tracks that are featured on the Soul of the Net, albeit they'll be very short snippets off the intro. So if you know this following bit of intro like the palm of you hand, yet you lie awake trying to think of the record, why don't you start hitting those play or download buttons on the site... there are only about 700 tracks to go through.

See if you know it, and if you do, drop me an e-line , first one in with the correct answer gets a Soul of the Net tape.

What's this record then?

stream intro #5 or download intro #5

I thought you could do better - but nobody got this (agreeably rather short) intro bit, so here are a couple more seconds of it:

stream intro #5 or download intro #5

And the winner is... Markus Frey of Switzerland. It's J. J. Barnes, with the beatiful "Snowflakes".


And the winner of the fourth intro quiz is.... Richard Leonard, who wrote in from Whitby, Ontario, Canada to say that this -

stream intro #4 or download intro #4

is of course Moses & Joshua's classic record, Get Out of My Heart! Thanks Richard, you get the Roots of Northern Soul (Goldmine). Gary from the UK came up with a partially correct answer - that this was the intro is to the instrumental Soul Symphony by The Sons of Moses on Cpral records ......Moses being of course Moses Dillard, and the record being an instrumental version of Get Out of My Heart - but this is not featured in audio on this site, so it does not fulfill the rules of the quiz.

I aplologize about being too busy these days to put up another intro quiz and sending out prizes... hopefully I will revive this part of the Soul of the Net one day soon.

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