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 These are some continuous programs I recorded during the first years of the Soul of the Net and some recorded by my friends. As you can see I haven't done any new programs for a while, but if you'd like to listen to what's playing in my living room more recently, go to the Living Room Top 40 Page .

Yoni's Program #8 - Summer 2001 stream it or download it

Beware fans of rare soul! Sometimes we forget to listen to those magical records that did make it. Well, some of the records on this program may be known even to your neighbours. A few mellow mainsteam sounds for your listening pleasure... you know them so I don't need to introduce or list the tracks.

Yoni's Program #7 - Winter 1999/2000 stream it or download it

It's time for another 90's roundup, covering the current deep southern soul scene over the last couple of years.

track listing

Yoni's Program #6 - Autumn 1999 stream it or download it

The Soul of the Net's Southern Seventies Soul Special - part 2

I must be getting old... starting from this program I hush my mouth while I spin the records,

but you can read the track listing if you want to.

Yoni's Program #5 - Winter 1998/9 stream it or download it

The Soul of the Net's Slow Seventies Soul Special - part 1

Yoni's Program #4 - Spring 1998 stream it or download it

This one is a 90's soul special. Is soul music still being made? Listen and decide for yourself. Surely the golden era of soul music was the 60's, but still I feel there were quite a few worthwhile albums recorded recently, the best of which I tried to include here. If this type of soul music gets to you, the best way to keep in touch with today's soul music is through Voices from the Shadows , UK magazine and mail order service, specializing in all aspects of soul music with special emphasis on current indie & deep soul. Also try In the Basement , another excellent magazine in the same vein.

I apologize for editing some of the tracks - I tried to squeeze as many as possible without making the program too long to download - so it's just 47 minutes long this time. Well, I've always been in favour of three minute tracks anyway.

Introducing special guest DJ: Richard Karstr?m with about 20 minutes of classic northern soul recorded at the Soulcave club, Stockholm.

Richard Karstr?m's set stream it or download it

Introducing special guest DJ: John Walker

John Walker's set #1 stream it or download it

John Walker's set #2 stream it or download it

The soul of the net is proud to present two fine northern soul sets by Mr. John Walker. Set #1 includes lots of familiar floorshakers, Set #2 is a little slower especially at the end where Mr. Walker takes us for a musical trip to Detroit then Philadelphia.

Yoni's Program #3 - Winter 1997/8 stream it or download it

This one is 60+ minutes long, and, as promised, is 100% northern soul. It's also my DJ spot on Mick (The Night Owl) Fitzpatrick's Internet Allnighter, included directly also on the Night Owl web page.

Yoni's Program #2 - Autumn 1997 stream it or download it

This one is also 60+ minutes long. A couple of northern classics at the top, but generally it's a slow, deep soul to mid tempo kind of groove, good for a rainy day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: contrary to what I say on the show, Jimmy Hughes, the Fame/Stax artist is alive and well. When the show was recorded, the news that Jimmy had passed away was coming in from many sources, so I had no reason to doubt this. However, it now turns out that it was different Jimmy Hughes whose death was confirmed, and not the soul singer. May both him and his music live on for many years to come.

Yoni's Program #1 - Summer 1997 stream it or download it

This one is 45+ minutes long. Starts northern (UK), then goes south (US).

The programs are encoded in Real Audio 2.0 (up to #3) or Real Audio 3.0. The audio quality is poor but the streaming is relatively fast, if you havea good connection. I hope the quality is good enough for you to be able to enjoy familiar tracks or add tracks that are new to you to your want list. In any case, the Real Audio sounds included in this site are not designed to replace your buying soul on vinyl and CD, but to promote it, so in a way I'm comfortable with the sounds being low fi.

The programs can be listened to by Real Audio/Video Player version 3.0 and up. Streaming needs data transfer rate of about 2 Kilobytes per second. Even if your modem is fast enough, you may still have trouble listening, depending on the rate of transfer at various points along the way from my server to your computer. So if you get stoppages try the dowloading option.

When you download you save the program as prog1.ra or prog2.ra, etc. (or whatever name you choose) on your hard disk. Do it on your lunch break - this may take anywhere between 10 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your data transfer rate - but after you save the file, its yours to listen to whenever you want to, regardless of your Internet connection. Use the file option on your Real Audio Player to open this file and play it. The file size is about 7 Megabytes for ann hour's worth.

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