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Here are a few requests people have asked me for over the years. It was a pleasure digging into my record and CD library and making a Real audio copy of these great tracks. However,  until further notice I will not be taking more requests.

For Martin Downs in Chicago, Illinois.

I Love You More - Lee Williams and The Cymbals (Carnival)

For Paul in Nottingham, UK

You better believe it baby - Joe Tex (Dial)

For Tami in Tacoma, Washington

What'll I do for satisfaction - Johnnie Daye (Stax)

For Curtis Griffin in East St. louis, Illinois

The funky judge - Bull & the Matadors (Toddlin' Town)

For Maurice L. Bowdry

I've been tryin'- The Impressions (ABC)

Monkeying around - William Bell (Stax)

For Alan Cannock in England

Candy - The Astors (Stax)

Kev Dennington from Wolverhampton England

Getting mighty crowded - Betty Everett (VJ)

For Graham in Meanwood, Leeds, England

The cheater - Bob Kuban & the In-Men (Musicland USA)

I hear a symphony - The Isley Brothers (Tamla)

For Alvin in Hertfordshire UK

I'm on my way to a better place - Chairman of the Board (Invictus)

For Jimmy from Sheffeild

I can't make it anymore - Spyder Turner (MGM)

First I look at the purse - The Countours (Gordy)

Forever in my heart - The Temptations (Gordy)

A losing game - James Carr (Goldwax)

For Glenda in Chicago

Misty blue - Dorothy Moore (Malaco)

Hey Jude - Wilson Picjett (Atlantic)

To love somebody - The Sweet Inspitations (Atlantic)

Dirty man - Laura Lee (Chess)

Uptight good man - Laura Lee (Chess)

So blue - Candi Staton (Warner Bros.)

For Sharon from Glenside, Pennsylvania

Since I met you baby - Ivory Joe Hunter (Atlantic)

To the other woman - Doris Duke (Canyon)

I found a love - The Falcons (Lu Pine)

If you need me - Wilson Pickett (Double L)

With a child's heart - Stevie Wonder (Tamla)

Human - Tommy Hunt (Scepter)

For Ronald G. in Toledo, Ohio.

What would I do - The Dynamics (Cotillion)

These are the things that make me know you're gone - Howard Tate (Turntable)

Purple rain drops - Stevie Wonder (Tamla)

For Phil in Kernow

Last night - The Mar-Keys (Satellite)

For Bob Hetherington in Hampshire England

Turn on your love light - Bill Black's Combo (Hi)

For Dave Chase in Farmingdale, NJ USA

Buttered popcorn - The Supremes (Motown)

You - Marvin Gaye (Tamla)

For Jim in Raleigh, NC

You really know how to hurt a guy - Jimmy Hughes (Fame)

For Wendy in Plymouth, England

Take me girl, I'm ready - Jr. Walker & the All Stars (Soul)

For Phil in Kernow

Soul serenade - Willie Mitchell (Hi)

For Stan Richey in New Carrollton, Md.

I'm just an average guy - The Masqueraders (AGP)

For Martin Downs in Chicago, Illinois.

Where will you be boy - Beverly Shaffer (One-der-ful)

For Ramona

Funky chicken - Rufus Thomas (Stax)

For Chris W. in Abingdon

Love's gone bad - Chris Clark (VIP)

Leave it in the hands of love - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas (Gordy LP)

Why do you want to hurt the one that loves you - The Marvellos (Loma)

If this is love (I'd rather be lonely) - The Precisions (Drew)

I paid for the party - The Enchanters (Loma)

For John Cleveland in Ohio

Strawberry shortcake - Jay & the Techniques (Smash)

For Michael in Champaign, Illinois

Another day lost - Reuben Bell & the Beltones (Murco)

For Paul Whiting in Norfolk, England

Two sides to every story - Z. Z. Hill (UA LP)

For Esbjorn Knutsson in Danderyd, Sweden

Prove it to me - Garnett Mimms (UA)

For Phil in Kernow

I was checkin' out (she was checkin' in) - Don Covay (Mercury)

For Stan Richey in New Carrollton, Md.

Send my baby back - Freddie Hughes (Wand)

For Adrian Fisher in Swindon, Wilts, UK

Different Strokes - Syl Johnson (TwiLight)

Hold What You've Got - Joe Tex (Dial)

Color Him Father - The Winstons (Metromedia)

Any Way You Wanna - Jr Walker & The All Stars (Soul)

For Graham Smith (Mif) in Wolverhampton, UK

I'll never stop loving you - Carla Thomas (Stax unreleased)

Tough girl - Billy Arnell (Holly)

Another batch for Dave from Brentwood

It won't take much - Linda Jones (Loma)

No time to lose - Carla Thomas (Stax LP)

Try to leave me if you can- Bessie Banks (Volt)

A few more requested by KK, for Glenda in Chicago

Cover me - Percy Sledge (Atlantic)

Lonely room - Mickey Murray (SSS Int'l)

All in the game - The Four Tops (Motown)

Almost persuaded - Etta James (Cadet)

For Dave from Brentwood

How can I get over a stone fox like you - The Icemen (ABC)

Secret lover - Paulette Reeves (Blue Candle)

For Brian Swift in Ipswich

Rainy night in Georgia - Brook Benton (Cotillion)

for Gareth Davies

Standing room only - Kim Tolliver (Pathfinder)

Two more for Sue Tapper in Baltimore

Love me like you mean it - Percy Sledge (Atlantic LP)

You fooled me - Percy Sledge (Atlantic LP)

Two underrated tracks from the When A Man Loves A Woman LP. Thanks for reminding me of those, Sue!

Richard - I found another one of your requests, here it is for Lynn again....

My heart needs a break - Linda Jones (Loma)

For Esbj?rn in Sweden

My love is getting stronger - Cliff Nobles & Co. (Phil-LA of Soul, Atlantic)

I live the life I love - Willie Parker (M-pac)

For Sue Tapper in Baltimore

A woman will do wrong - Dee Dee Sharp (Atco)

For Kev Johns from Stafford, UK

I'm slowly moulding - Cody Black (King)

For Karen in Los Angeles

It's your thing - the Isley Brothers (T-Neck)

Yes we can - Lee Dorsey (Polydor)

For Phil in Barnsley, UK

Baby without you - Danny Monday (Modern)

For Leif Thureson, Stockholm

Sufferin' City - Johnny Copeland (Atlantic)

For Carl Kline in Houston, Texas

Let love come between us - James & Bobby Purify (Bell)

Crying in the Streets - George Perkins & the Silver Stars (Silver Fox)

For Brian

(Somebody) Ease my troublin' mind - Sam Cooke (RCA)

For Jez in the UK

Just ask me - Lennis Guess (Legrand)

For Mike in Sheffield, England

The Entertainer - Tony Clarke (Chess)

With this Ring - The Platters (Musicor)

For Richard in Belfast

Set me free - The Performers (Mirwood)

If I ever needed love - Jean Stanback (Peacock)

My dearly beloved - Jack Montgomery (Scepter)

One more for Frank Rogers in Beloit, Wisconsin

Precious precious - O. V. Wright (Hi)

Requested by KK, for Glenda

Nine pound steel - Joe Simon (Sound Stage 7)

For Michelle in the UK

Bring the boys home - Fredda Payne (Invictus)

For Phil in Kernow

Get down with it - Little Richard (Okeh)

And while we're at it, here is the other version...

Get down with it - Bobby Marchan (Dial)

For Howard Burns in Luton

Nothing can stop me - Gene Chandler (Constellation)

Breakout - Mitch Ryder (Eric)

John Friedmann in Cleveland, Ohio asked for the vocal to "The Horse"

Love is all right - Cliff Nobles & Co. (Phil-LA of Soul)

And while we're at it, here is the other version...

Love is all right - Jesse James (Harthon unreleased) 

A second request for Frank Rogers in Beloit, Wisconsin

The ghetto - Donny Hathaway (Atco)

For Sue Tapper in Baltimore

Do you still feel the same way - Tommie Young (Soul Power)

I'm really thankful - J. B. Troy (Musicor )

Loser again - Jackie Moore (Wand)

From Richard Chesterfield to the love of his life... Lynn

My little girl - Bobby Garrett (Mirwood)

My little girl (instrumental) - (Crestview LP)

Lend a hand - Bobby Hutton (ABC)

For Pete in Nottinghamshire

Loving by the pound - Otis Redding (Volt unreleased, Fantasy CD)

For Ron Smith, ex Manchester, now in Stockholm

Open the door to your heart - Darrell Banks (Revilot)

For Pia in Stockholm

I got a feeling - Barbara Randolph (Soul)

For Leif Thureson in Stockholm

I hurt myself - Lee Shot Williams (Shama)

I like your style - Lee Shot Williams (Sham

For Frank Rogers in Beloit, Wisconsin

Who's that lady - Isley Brothers (United Artists)

For Frank Barcellona, of Palm Harbor, Florida

Just ain't enough love - Eddie Holland (Motown)

For Paul Mackrory in Hampshire, England

Shake a hand - Freddie Scott (Shout LP)

For Dave in Worcester, England

Sweet darling - Jimmy "Soul" Clark (Soulhawk)

For all the old Up The Junction revellers from the pre Torch days... from Martin Jones

I still love you - Jean Stanback (Peacock)

For Anastasia

Band of gold - Freda Payne (Invictus) 

For Larry Lassiter

What kind of fool - The Tams (ABC)

You lied to your daddy - The Tams (ABC)

Ever notice how similar these two tracks are?

For Paul from Tadworth in Surrey, England

Shing a ling stroll - Eddie Wilson (Back Beat)

Infatuation - Darrow Fletcher (Jacklyn)

For CC Perkins in Cleveland Ohio

With pen in hand - Billy Vera (Atlantic)

For Kev

Love on a mountain top - Robert Knight (Rising Sons)

One more for Sonny Corso in Louisiana

Some kind of wonderful - The Soul Brothers Six (Atlantic)

For Micky2shoes from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Girl I love you - Garland Green (Revue)

For Jim Lever from St.Helens Mersyside, England

Night Owl - Bobby Paris (Cameo)

Another one for Sonny Corso in Louisiana

Desiree - The Charts (Wand)

For Tad Baranski in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England

I got the fever - Creation (Stateside UK)

Ride your mule pt. 1 - Marvin Holmes and the Uptights (Revue)

For George Landes in Annapolis, Maryland

One part love, two parts pain - Sam & Dave (Atlantic)

Country girl - city man - Billy Vera & Judy Clay (Atlantic)

For Miguel:

Walk on the outside - Tommy Sears (Chalet)

for Adrian Fisher, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

She's so good to me - Wilson Pickett (Atlantic LP)

Girl watcher - O'kaysions (ABC)

We did it - Syl Johnson (Hi)

I ain't going nowhere - Jr. Walker & the All Stars (Tamla UK)

Another one for Jason Stone in Chicago, Illinois

Getting the bills (but no merchandise) - Clarence Carter (Atlantic)

For S. Tommo

Keep on talking - James Barnett (Fame)

For Ben in Arkansas

It's A Sad Thing - Ollie Nightingale (Memphis)

Pin The Tail On The Donkey - The Newcomers (Stax)

For Sonny Corso in Louisiana

You've got to pay the price - Gloria Taylor (Glo-Whiz)

For Ross Smith, England

I really love you -The Tomangoes (Washpan)

For Paul Tingle, Dronfield, England

Walkin' up a one way street - Willie Tee (Nola, Atlantic)

For Leo Sibley in Dallas Texas

Got you on my mind - Joe Hinton (Back Beat)

For Steve Bycroft in Rastrick, West Yorkshire, England.

Baby, what I mean - The Drifters (Atlantic)

For Mark Brannan, in Denham Springs, Louisiana

These arms of mine - Otis Redding (Volt)

Second time around for Max in Amsterdam, Holland

My day is comin' - Bobby & Clyde (Blue Candle)

For Sandi in Biloxi, Mississippi

It's raining - Irma Thomas (Minit)

For Jason Stone in Chicago, Illinois

Walk a mile in my shoes - Willie Hightower (Fame)

For Michelle, and this goes out to Joe Tolomeo from Scarborough, UK

Seven days too long - Chuck Wood (Roulette)

For Leonard Mancini in Waterbury CT

This Can't be true - Eddie Holman (Parkway)

For Olujimi Tafataona in Detroit Michigan

Take it off him and put it on me - Clarence Carter (Atlantic)

Baby make your own sweet music - (Johnny Johnson & the) Bandwagon (Epic)

Get it from the bottom - The Steelers (Date)

For Angela Shields in Lincolnshire,UK

Long after tonight is all over - Jimmy Radcliffe (Musicor)

For Monk Ghantt

I'm white, I'm alright - Vic Waters & Entertainers (Crazy Horse)

For Herwin Hooplot in Holland

Get yourself another fool - Arthur Conley (Atco LP)

For Max in Amsterdam, Holland

Baby, Come Back To Me - Bobby Harris (Shout)

For Dean in Los Angeles

Heartbreaker - The Showstoppers (Beacon UK)

Dean requested anything by the Showstoppers, so while the great "Houseparty" and its flip "What can a man do" are well known in soul circles, I chose one that is just as good but rarely gets played or mentioned.

For Norma Tobin in Brighton, Sussex.U.K.

I got the vibes - Joshie Jo Armstead (Gospel Truth)

It'll never be over for me - Timi Yuro (Stardust)

No one there - Martha Reeves (Tamla)

For Martin Downs in Chicago, Illinois

No one in this world - The Enchanting Enchanters (Ben Mo Keith)

You've got the makings of a lover - The Festivals (Smash)

For Hernan Morales in Montevideo, Uruguay

Mercy mercy - Wilson Pickett (Atlantic LP)

For Phil Whelan in Barnsley

Chinatown - Victor Knight

For Woody Lewis in Missouri , USA

So tied up - Sam Dees (Atlantic)

And for Woody's wife Joyce

That's when I'll stop loving you - Linda Jones (Neptune)

For Pat Keen in Essex, U.K.

Two wrongs don't make a right - Don Fletcher (Peacock)

For Alan in England

Bad girl - Marv Johnson (Tamla Motown UK LP)

For Dave Dick in Watford, England

I need your love to comfort me - Sam & Bill (Decca)

Charlie Maxton in Portland, Oregon, USA requested anything by Otis Clay on One-derful, so -

A lasting love - Otis Clay (One-derful)

I'm satisfied - Otis Clay (One-derful)

Showplace - Otis Clay (One-derful)


For Mike Wheeler in Houston, Texas

That's a man's way - Wilson Pickett (Atlantic)

Don't leave me this way - Otis Redding (Volt)

Don't turn your heater on - Sam & Dave (Atlantic LP)

Mike - as I told you, "heater" is a vocal take on an earlier Mar Key's instrumental:

Grab this thing - The Mar Keys (Stax)

For Julian Davies, North Warks UK

Heart of a child - Percy Sledge (Atlantic)

For John Howell

Tell it lke it is - Bettye Swann (Capitol LP)

(second version of this Aaron Neville classic on the site - the other is by Eddie and Ernie).

For Pete Wright in Melton Mowbray England

In my tenement - Roosevelt Grier (Rik)

Competition ain't nothing - Little Carl Carlton (Back Beat)

For Joe in Scarborough, England

Can't we talk it over - L. Allen (Green Dolphin)

Reggie in Worcester, England

Tell me it's just a rumour baby - The Isley Brothers (Tamla)

For William T. Bielby in Santa Barbara, California

Run for cover - The Dells (Chess)

For Dunc in Leicester, England

Cry baby - Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters (UA)

It hurts so good - Katie Love & the Four Shades of Black (Scepter)

Say you - The Temptations (Gordy LP)

She'll come running back - Mel Britt (FIP)

One more for Dave Chase in Farmingdale, New Jersey

Pay to the piper - Chairman of the board (HDH)

For Ms. Shirley Poole in Montgomery Alabama :

She's all I got - Freddie North (Mankind)

For Markus Frey in Switzerland

Love's gonna tear your playhouse down - Chuck Brooks (Volt)

For Dave Richardson in Philadelphia, PA

Let's copp a groove - Bobby Wells (Romur)

For Wayne Goulding in Doncaster, England

Oh my darlin' - Jackie Lee (Mirwood)

For Conor in Manchester, England

You should o' held on - 7th Avenue Aviators (Congress)

Cry to me - Freddie Scott (Shout)

Check your bucket - Eddie Bo (Bo Sound)

For Paul Whiting in Norfolk, England

Showdown - Kenny Carter (RCA)

For Dave Chase in Farmingdale, New Jersey:

Lookin' for a love - The Valentinos (Sar)

Bring the boys home - Fredda Payne (Invictus)

She blew a good thing - The Poets (Symbol)

Fo Ian in Shropshire, England

Shake Sherry - The Countours (Gordy)

70's Northern Soul classic requested by Phil Whelan, Barnsley, England

It really hurts me girl - Tha Carstairs (Red Coach)

Jim O'Hare asked for this one...

Under the streetlamp - The Exits (Gemini)

Another one from Ray from Alice Springs, Australia

It's too late to turn back now - The Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose (UA)

Warren Larson in LA asked to hear this original version of Wilson Pickett's big hit:

Mustang Sally - Sir Mack Rice (Blue Rock)

Bernard Kiernan sent in a whole bunch of his favourites; here are two especially for Bernard,

Hold on - The Radiants (Chess)

That driving beat - Willie Mithcell (Hi)

and here are four of Bernard's faves have already been available on the Soul of the Net's discographies...

Open the door to you heart - Darrrell Banks (Revilot)

12 red roses - Betty Harris (Sansu)

First I look at the purse - Contours (Gordy)

Freedom train - James Carr (Goldwax)

Robin Burnett in England asked for this northern soul rarity, recorded in Chicago, from the southern soul styled New Jersey / NY "my baby likes to boogaloo" guy...

Cheatin' kind -Don Gardner (Sedgrick)

Mr. Jansen Taylor in London had this excellent choice for a request; second one from Little Milton on this page.

Grits ain't groceries - Little Milton (Checker)

and a second one for Jansen - some Englosh Northern Soul this time.

Our love is getting stronger - Jason Knight (UK Pye)

Ray from Alice Springs, Australia asked for

He's all I got - The Supremes (Motown)

Marcel from Holland asked for this - sorry I couldn't find a better copy...

The few troubles I've had - Clarence Ashe (Kapp)

You'll find Clarence Carter's later version below in this page; and the flip of this on the Living Room Top 40.

Two from Susan in New Jersey:

Court of love - The Unifics (Kapp)

Leaving me - The Independents (Wand)

Julian Davies from north warks requested this not often played track

I'm girl scoutin' - The Intruders (Gamble)

Paul Millward in the West Midlands asked for: 

I can't break this habbit - Lee Garrett (Harthon)

Don't know much about this specific track Paul, but I know Lee Garrett later left the Philly label Harthon and became writer for Motown, which is no surprise as this early 1965 record is stylistically so Motownish. In fact it predates Motown records of the same style so there may be truth in the rumour that Lee actually wrote "I can't help myself", the prototype Motown record, credited to H-D-H of course.

Dominic in Austin Texas asked for:

The dam busted - Carl Hall (Loma)

Dominic, you wanted to know if this is as good as You don't know nothin about love - well, a different tempo, but still a very good record, I think.

A couple from Michael Berry: 

Never get enough of your love - Eddre Floyd (Safice)

Nice one - this is post Falcons and pre-Stax, and a Northern Soul classic for good measure:

What is this - Bobby Womack (Minit)

A request from Denise of Hull:

My heart's not in it anymore - The Steinways (Oliver)

The other side, You've been leading me on, has already been featured on the Soul of the Net, and now thanks to Denise this great two sider is fully represented on this site.

This is for Zygmund in Toronto, Canada:

You'll lose a good thing - Kip Anderson (Excello)
(actually a medley of Barbara Lynn's hit and Wilson Pickett's "It's too late")

This is for Jorge Osorio in Northern Spain: 

(Accept my) invitation - Band of Angles (Piccadilly UK)

Another request by Joe Tolomeo from Scarborough, England - this time for this classic track by the guys who've been around since the early 50's but adopted that Northern/Motown sound in the late sixties.

Never the less - Lee Andrews & the Hearts (Crimson)

Andrew Longbottom from Keighley, West Yorks asked for this - ZZ's great 1975 version of the Jimmy Lewis penned ballad previously recorded by Johnnie Taylor

Mr. Nobody, Somebody - Z. Z. Hill (MHR)

Kev asked for this - one of my two favourites Little Milton records, released in 1969.

Let's get together - Little Milton (Checker)

Erik Lundeberg from Modesto, California asked for this classic from the late Motown man from Georgia

Roadrunner - Jr. Walker (Soul)

And speaking of the Soul label, here's a something of which there are fewer copies than Roadrunenr - but I must admit my copy is on UK Tamla Motown. This is for Graham Smith from Wolverhampton, England.

Do I love you (Indeed I do) - Frank Wilson (Soul)

David K. Wiggins asked for this 1977 gem, the title track of an LP released on Hi in 1977, but probably containing earlier recordings.

I can't take it - Otis Clay (Hi)

Rolf Hansson in Sweden reminded me of this great Christmas related track -

Backdoor Santa - Clarence Carter (Atlantic)

Mark (in Bradford, UK) asked for

Take away the pain stain - Patti Austin (Coral)

Denise asked for this - one that we'd missed on the man's discography on this page.

He's too old - Spencer Wiggins (Goldwax)

Richie in Syndney Australia asked for this - those of you who don't know Nothern Soul might believe thisto be pop, but still it's a part of the Northern Soul tradition.

Just the two of us - The Other Ones (Knoll)

Brian Ashcroft asked for these two northern classics:

 Our love will grow - The Showmen (Swan)

Somebody (somewhere) needs you - Darrell Banks (Revilot)

Tim Richmond wrote in from Keighly, West Yorkshire, asking for this, Mr. Bland's prime contribution to the Northern Soul world.

 Shoes - Bobby Bland (Duke)

Locksley McPherson from Jamaica asked for this, the flip side of I forgot to be your lover, which is almost as good.

Bring the curtain down - William Bell (Stax)

Alexandra from Holland asked me to include this mellow Philly ballad

Guess I'll never understand - Ronnie Walker

Paul Whiting asked me to find this track for him, and I did, it's on the Black Back LP (1974).

All cried out - Lamont Dozier (ABC LP)

Another request by Paul -

Strange neighborhood - The Imaginations (Fraternity)

Arelene in Philadelphia requested this 1969 scorcher from the Wicked Pickett.

Back in you arms - Wilson Pickett (Atlantic)

Steve Wood from Birmingham (U.K. not Alabama) requested this old Northern Soul fave.

I dig your act - O'jays (Bell)

Jas Brown of Sacramento California asked for this, Little Milton's best ever ballad IMO.

Man loves two - Little Milton (Checker)

Lenny (Soul Blue), out of Savanna GA asked for this magnificent 1970 hit by the late great JT

Jody's got your girl and gone - Johnnie Taylor (Stax)

Acree from NY NY wrote in and asked for this, non-album 1969 45 b side from Clarence Carter, a reworking of an earlier (1964) record by another Clarence, Ashe (titled "Troubles I've had" flip of the beautiful "Dancing ina dream world", featured on my Living Room Top 40.

The few troubles I've had - Clarence Carter (Atlantic)

Jim Dandy of South Amby, NJ asked for this spine-shivering eery ballad from the wonderful Arthur Conley.

There's a place for us - Arthur Conley (Jotis 45/Atco LP)

"Great record, great memories of 04.00am ish at Wigan" says Steve Tomlinson from Blackburn, England about this Detroit stomper -

Ain't nothing you can do - Joe Mathews (Kool Kat)

The Requests Page gives me the opportunity to put some more popular tracks on my site - which is great - like this 1974 number 1 R&B hit requested by Calvin Marshand.

Be thankful for what you got - William Devaughn (Roxbury)

Paul Whiting in Norfolk, England asked for this track by Z.Z Hill off his 1975 album on UA, "Keep on Loving You".

That ain't the way you make love - Z. Z. Hill (UA LP)

Joe Tolomeo in Scarborough, England asked for this funky novelty record ...
"I'd rather be lost in the jungles of Brazil, than to face the Judge this morning the way he feel" sang the late great Shorty Long

Here come the judge - Shorty Long (Soul)

And another one requested by Joe - great old Northern Soul classic

Baby reconsider - Leon Haywood (Fat Fish)

Kristine Darwen in Brisbane, Queensland Australia asked for this - a version of the Johnny Ace hit by William Bell that was released on "A Little Something Extra", a CD of previously unreleased Stax tracks and demos.

Never let me go - William Bell (Stax unreleased)

A special request by Mr. Len Romano.

(Sometimes) A man will shed a few tears too - Johnny Adams (Pacemaker)

Richard Leonard in Toronto asked for this educational effort by James Brown -

Don't be a drop-out - James Brown (King)

Tom Mitchell asked for this one, a moody ballad by the great Joe Simon, a minor hit for him in late 1969.

San Fransisco is a lonely town - Joe Simon (Sound Stage 7)

Shadeed Abdulrahman in Baltimore MD asked for the flip of "The love you save", great floater that should bring memories of the spring of '70 to those old enough to remember it. I have been told by a few people that it's Jermaine who sings lead on this, well it's certainly not Michael...

I found that girl - The Jackson Five (Motown)

Hugh Farmer in Covington, Georgia, requested anything by Marv Johnson, so as a first try I'm including my favourite record by him that has already been on the site - on the Motown Tribute, and a second chance one more from his album "I'll pick a rose for my Rose".

I miss you (how I miss you) - Marv Johnson (Gordy)

So glad you chose me - Marv Johnson (Gordy)

First request on this page comes from Pam in South Carolina... and she's asked for this, a track by the late great Jr. Walker, from his later, mellower period, that began with "What does it take to win you love". For some of his earlier, rougher stuff go to the Motown Tribute, or the Funky Page.

Do you see my love for you growing - Jr. Walker and the All Stars (Soul)

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