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Sir Mack Rice Discography

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My baby / Baby I'm coming home - Lu Pine 119 * 1964

The whip / Feels fine - Lu Pine 125 * 1964

Mustang Sally / Daddy's home to stay - Blue Rock 4014 * 1965

When you're down and out / You shouldn't throw stones - Blue Rock 4028 * 1965

Itīs alright / You can't lose it - Mercury 72541 * 1966

Mini skirt minnie/ (intsrumental) - Stax 213 * 1967

Love sickness / I gotta have my baby's love - Stax 220 * 1967

Coal man / Love's a mother brother - Atco 6645 * 1968

Three people in love / Bumble bee woman - Capitol 2762 * 1970

Nobody wins till the game is over / Bump meat - Truth 3212 * 1974

Dark skin woman/ pt.2 - Truth 3221 * 1975

I can never be satisfied pt.2 / May day - Atco 7065 * 1976

It takes one to know one / pt.2 - Contempo (UK) 2086 / Atco 2020? * 1976

What good is a song / Get a job done - Stax (Fantasy) 3208 * 1978

"Sir" omitted on Lu Pine, Atco 6645, Capitol 2762


SRI 14777 * 1977

Ladies night tonight / Annie Pearl / How much is that pussycat / Among friends down here / This time yesterday / Are we slippin' away / So you can love me / Goin' where the money is

Ville Vilen adds:

Sir Mack keeps it going, there's an album "Right Now" (Blue Suit BS104D) from 1992.

AND - A brand new CD from Sir Mack on Infi records released early 99, details to follow.

If Mack Rice gets a few pennies for each radio broadcast of his composition Mustang Sally, his financial status isn't bad at all. First Wilson Pickett, Mack Rice's partner from the early Falcons days, made it a smash hit in 1966, then the Commitments, who probably never heard of Mack Rice, made it world famous since the late 80's with their soul-less version. I wonder how many radio stations are playing it around the globe as I am writing these very lines. But whose version? I'd say 80% to the Commitments, 20% to Wilson Pickett and 0.001% play Sir Mack Rice's original version. But Sir Mack Rice had a recording career that includes not only Mustang Sally. In fact it included an original version of another good Wilson Pickett hit, albeit a much smaller one, Mini Skirt Minnie. His career as a writer continued to flourish in the early 70's with compositions such as Respect yourself (for the Staple Singers), Cheaper to keep her (for Johnnie Taylor) and Do the funky penguin (for Rufus Thomas). But my favorite Mack Rice track is Love sickness. It took time for it to grow on me. I call it "deep funk" - see what you think.

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