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Many thanks to John Ridley, Ville Vilen and Rob Carruthers for helping out with this page.

Mr. Rob Carruthers is probably the world's number 1 Sam & Dave fan and expert. To contact Rob, e-mail him

The Majestics (Sam Moore, lead)

Nitey night / Cave man rock - Marlin 802* 1954

Sam & Dave

I need love / Keep walkin' - Roulette 4419 * 1962

No more pain / My love belongs to you - Roulette 4445 * 1962

She's alright / It feels so nice - Roulette 4461 * 1963

It was so nice while it lasted / You ain't no big thing baby - Roulette 4480 * 1963

If she'll still have me / Listening for my name - Roulette 4508 * 1963

I found out / I got a thing goin' on - Roulette 4533 * 1964 (January)

Sam & Dave switch to Stax. A good move!

A place nobody can find / Goodnight baby - Stax 168 * 1965

I take what I want / Sweet home - Stax 175 * 1965

You don't know like I know / Blame me - Stax 180 * 1966

Hold on I'm comin / I got everything I need - Stax 189 * 1966 (No. 1 R&B)

Roulette marketing department says: hey, we got some old Sam & Dave recordings, let's try to fool the public and release the next Sam & Dave record!

It feels so nice / It was so nice while it lastes - Roulette 5671 * 1966 (reissue)

Back to the stax hits:

Said I wasn't gonna tell nobody / If you got the loving - Stax 198 * 1966

You got me hummin' / Sleep good tonight - Stax 204 * 1967

When something is wrong with my baby / Small portion of your love - Stax 210 * 1967

Soothe me [live version, recorded in Paris] / I can't stand up for falling down - Stax 218 * 1967

Soul man / May I baby - Stax 231 * 1967 (No. 1 R&B for 7 weeks, Gold Record)

I thank you / Wrap it up - Stax 242 * 1968

Stax breaks up with Atlantic, Sam & Dave continue to record at Stax but are released on the Atlantic label.

You don't know what you mean to me / This is your world - Atlantic 2517 * 1968

Can't you find another way / Still is the night - Atlantic 2540 * 1968

Everybody got to believe in somebody / If I didn't have a girl like you - Atlantic 2568 * 1968

Soul sister brown sugar / Come on in - Atlantic 2590 * 1969

Born again / Get it - Atlantic 2608 * 1969

Born again was the last record produced by Hayes & Porter at the Stax Studios. The next three records were produced by Jerry Wexler & Tom Dowd (which says recorded in NY?). Who needs Stax anyway, they probably said. And what do YOU think?

Ooh ooh ooh / Holdin' on - Atlantic 2668 * 1969

Baby baby don't stop now / I'm not an indian giver - Atlantic 2714 * 1970

When you steal from me / One part love two parts pain - Atlantic 2728 * 1970

The next couple of records where produced by Dave Crawford, which means a turn to the south again. Consequentally, both are excellent records!

Knock out in the park / You easily excite me - Atlantic 2733 * 1970

Don't pull your love out / Jody Rider got killed - Atlantic 2839 * 1971

Sam Moore Solo 45's courtesy of Ville Villen, Finland

Tennessee Waltz / Give you Plenty lovin - Atlantic 2762 * 1970

Stop / Keep on sockinŽit to me - Atlantic 2799 * 1971

Shop around/If I should lose your love - Atlantic 2814 * 1971

Dave Prater Solo 45

Keep my fingers crossed / Love business - Alston 4596 * 1972

Sam & Dave re-unite on United Artists (see also albums section)

A little bit of good (cures a whole lot of bad )/ Blinded By Love - United Artists 438 * 1974

Under the Boardwalk / Give it What you can - United Artists 531 * 1974? 

We can work it out / why did you do it - Contempo 7004 * 1977

Ville Vilen adds more info: the Contempo 45 was recorded in England with the legendary John Abbey. There is also an interesting cut called Come on come over on a Jaco Pastorius album (EPIC 33949/ 1976) with Sam & Dave.

Rob Carruthers adds some 80's tracks:

Hold on Edwin's coming / They all ask for EWE - Gov-Nor 101B * 1982

This was a special record to promote a Governor's election campaign. Sam Moore also recorded 'Dole Man' for the 1996 Presidential elections but I believe Atlantic forced the record to be withdrawn because of copyright problems. Sam Moore also recorded Soul Man with Lou Reed A & M 2883 1986 [But Lou's no substitute for Dave - Yoni]. In 1985 Dave Prater recorded with Sam Daniels and issued the following as Sam & Dave: A Sam & Dave medley on 21 Records 7-99636. Interestingly, this was issued as a 7" in the USA and a 12" in the UK.

Sam & Dave released 5 current material albums in the 60's plus one 60's Best Of:

Sam & Dave - Roulette R25323 * 1964

Contains all of the roulette recordings - A sides and B sides.

Hold on I'm coming - Stax 708 / S708 * 1966

Hold on I'm coming / If you got the lovin' / I take what I want / Ease me / I got everything I need / Don't make it so hard on me / It's a wonder / Don't help me out / Just me / You got it made / Blame me / You don't know like I know

Double Dynamite - Stax 712 / S712 * 1966/7

You got me humin' / Said I wasn't gonna tell nobody / That's the way it's gotta be / When something is wrong with my baby / I'm your puppet / Soothe me / Just can't get enough / Sweet pains / Sleep good tonight / I don't need nobody / Home at last / Use me

Soul Men - Stax 725 * 1967

Soul man / May I baby / Broke down piece of man / Let it be me / Hold it baby / I'm with you / Don't knock it / Just keep holding on / The Good runs the bad way / Rich kind of poverty / I've seen what loneliness can do

I Thank You - Atlantic SD 8205 * 1968

I thank you / Everybody got to believe in somebody / These arms of mine / Wrap it up / If I didn't have a girl like you / You don't know what you mean to me / Don't turn your heater on / Talk to the man / Love is after me / Ain't that a lot of love / Don't waste that love / Lucky old sun

The Best of Sam & Dave - Atlantic * 1968

contains all the Stax/Atlantic A sides from I take what I want through Can't you find another way, plus three B sides: May I baby, Wrap it up, and Small portion of your love.

Back at'cha UA LA 524-G * 1974

Come into my Life / When My Love Hand Comes Down / A Little Bit of Good (Cures a Whole Lot of Bad) / There's a Party in My Heart / Under the Boardwalk / Shoo Rah - Shoo Rah / Queen of the Ghetto / Blinded by Love / Give it What You Can / Don't Close the Curtain (Before You See The Play).

John Ridley adds: The UA LP was cut by Steve Cropper at his own TMI studios.

As I mentioned somewhere in the chat & trivia page, Atlantic records had a bad habit in 1969/70 of not issuing any more LP's by the soul stars like Sam & Dave, Arthur Conley, Percy Sledge and others whose careers were slow at the time.

However there was an excellent Edsel (Demon) Records compilation LP issued in 1984: I can't stand up for falling down (ED 133), which is essetially the album that Atlantic neglected to release, with all the 1969-1971 recordings plus two earlier non-LP tracks: the legendary 1967 title track, and This is your world. It also contains the rare track My reason for living from the Stax promotional album "Stay in school".

Ville Villen adds: They tried to make a comeback on Blues Brothers days 1978/79 with album: Sweet & Funky Gold (Gusto GT 0045).

According to V. Villen, the Gusto album consists of not too well recorded re-recordings of earlier hits.

David Gorman wrote in: recently unearthed Sam Moore's entire 1970 solo LP cut for Atlantic Records but never released. "Stop" and "Shop Around" are both from this album. It was produced by King Curtis and Dave Crawford. The track list is: Tennesee Waltz / Plenty Good Lovin/ Is It True? (If I Should Lose Your Love) / Shop Around / Stop/ Get Out My Life Woman /Part Time Love /I Can't Stand It/ Keep On Sockin' It To Me / Hi De Ha

The song "Is It True?" (a remake of the Detroit Emeralds tune) will be on the soundtrack to the upcoming James Woods/Melanie Griffith film "Another Day In Paradise."

The rest of the album is being "shopped around" for release.

Yoni's remark: Six of these tracks were released on Sam Moore's three solo 45's for Atlantic in 1970/1971, including "If I should lose your love". Four were not released before.

Here are some compilation tracks of intetest courtesy of Rob Carruthers:

There is a Sam & Dave track Living it Down on a compilation album Soul Deep Vol 2 Contempo CLP 606 Issued in the UK in 1978. I have not found this track anywhere else.

Two Sam & Dave tracks appear on a German issued Contempo Album 'Soul Express' issued in 1977. They are Don't Mess With My Money Honey Or My Woman & Why Did You Do It.

Two remake albums were issued by Sam & Dave in 1982, 'Soul Study Vol's 1&2, on the 51 West label. They contain all their best known songs. Good sleeve notes show that they were recorded at Audio Media Recorders in Nashville. the Arranger was Don Jackson, Bass - Jack Jackson, Drums - Ed Bayers, Guitars - Paul Worley, Keyboards - Dennis Burnside and Horns - Don Sheffield, Doug Yoder, Terry Mead, Don Jackson, Dennis Good and Rex Peer.

Sam Moore sings: Santa Claus is Coming To Town & Oh, Come All Ye Faithful, on an album titled Christmas Special QAG 1600 1982 USA

Sam Moore appears with Jnr Walker on the soundtrack of the film Tapeheads 1988 USA issued on the Island label. They were also in the actual film, but I have not seen it.

Interesting tracks on CD:

Sweat 'N' Soul Anthology R2 71253 Rhino USA A 50 track double CD with interesting booklet. The album contains most of their singles plus Sam Moore singing Stop & Shop Around (two of his early 70's solo tracks). Sam & Dave's piece on the Stax 'Stay in School' album is there plus the following previously unreleased tracks: Standing in the Safety Zone, You Left The Water Running, Toe Hold.

There is an interesting CD packaged in a tin box called Roots 'N' Blues. It contains 12 Sam & Dave tracks and is on the Dog 'n' Roll Label produced in Italy.

Sam Moore appears with Conway Twitty singing Rainy Night in Georgia on a compilation CD Rhythm Country & Blues. Issued in the UK 1994 MCA 10965. I also have it as a single CD issued on MCA in Australia and a video of the making of the album, it has excellent footage of Sam Moore.

Sam Moore also appears on a CD titled 'Godchildren of Soul - Anyone Can Join' His one track is We Shall Sing (Simangene).

Dave Prater is sadly missed. He was killed in a car crash on April 11, 1988. Though Sam Moore was more dominant starting from the Stax period (but not on the Roulette records), it was the perfect and oh so unique blend of voices that made much of the Sam & Dave sound.

Sam Moore is alive and kicking. There is a commercially available a video tape of his performance at a soul festival in Monaco in 1990, performing with the original Mar Keys (minus the late Al Jackson Jr.), and it's a true soul experience. On a recent interview with Felix Hernandez (of The Rhythm Review) he spoke fondly, reflectively, of Dave Prater, with whom he had a rough relationship starting from the late 60's. I miss him, I do miss him, he said. We all do.

For more on the Moncao video tapes, go to the video review page.

More video pointers from Rob Carruthers:

America's Music - Rhythm & Blues Vol2 Sam Moore sings Soul Man & Hold on I'm Comin'. It was recorded in Hollywood in 1984. Magnum Music MMGV 044.

Remembering Otis VVD 650 Has sixties footage of Sam & Dave singing: When Something is Wrong With My Baby & Hold on I'm Comin'.

News about a book on Sam and Dave just in from Rob Carruthers:

SAM AND DAVE An Oral History by Sam Moore and Dave Marsh (Part of the 'For The Record' series). Published by Avon Books ISBN 0-380-79375-X

Dave Marsh , well known for his soul and rock books is obviously the writer based on his interviews with Sam Moore held around the end of 1996/early 1997. The story begins with Sam's early childhood through teenage years. He was quite lad with trouble of some sort never far away. Later as he moves into the Sam & Dave era; it is good to hear in his own words about their early days with Roulette and then on to Atlantic/Stax. They were always a performing duo but never a friendly partnership which is why they did not last long together after their sucessful years. It is good to hear that Sam is still entertaining. His latest appearence on film is in Blues Brothers 2000.

If she'll still have me stream it or download it

Goodnight baby stream it or download it

I got everything I need stream it or download it

Just Me stream it or download it

You got me hummin' stream it or download it

Sleep good tonight stream it or download it

Small portion of your love stream it or download it

I can't stand up for falling down stream it or download it

The good runs the bad way stream it or download it

Don't turn your heater on stream it or download it

Still is the night stream it or download it

Soul sister brown sugar stream it or download it

Born again stream it or download it

If I should lose your love stream it or download it

We can work it out stream it or download it

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