Hot and Cold Links To Soul Music

A word of apology - many of these links were listed in the 90's, during the first years of the site. So, I have two apologies - (a) some of the links are broken (b) some great soul sites may still not be here. I'll try to spend some time soon to update/expand this list.

The Labels That Got Soul

UK Labels

Ace Records

Goldmine/Soul Supply Records

Connoisseur Collection

Grapevine Records

Westside Records West Heath Studios, West Heath Yard, 174 Mill Lane, London NW6 1TB England

Demon Records Canal House, Transport Avenue, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9HF, England

Charly Records 156-166 Ilderton Road, London SE15 1NT

US Labels

Numero Records

Sundazed Records

Ecko Records

Rounder Records

Rhino Records

Atlantic Records

Capricorn Records

D-Town Records

Fantasy (Stax) Records

Goldwax Records believe it or not, this legendary label still exists.

Ichiban Records

ITP Records

Malaco Records

Jewel-Paula Records

Ripete Records (beach music label)

Relic Records PO Box 572, Hackensack NJ 07602 US

Collectables Records Box 35, Narberth PA 19072 US

Excello Records (address unknown)

Most Internet Sites of the labels show an ever updated catalog.
Most of the non-net (yet) labels will send you a catalog upon request -
it may cost a few Dollars.

Labels from other countries

Uppers Records from Sweden.

You can order directly from the labels, but it is more convenient to order from mail order services that stock CD's from all labels. My favorite mail order services are:

Roots & Rhythm (best for US releases)

Magpie Mail Order (best for UK releases) Fax No. (44) 1 784 241168, Phone (44) 1 784 242224, PO Box 25, Ashford, Middx TW15 1XL

These services have a monthly printed catalog with reviews/track listings that you will get free if you are a regular customer.

On-Line CD Stores

Rockhouse Records A good selection of soul CD's, most of them local Dutch releases of both US and UK origin. Track listings are still lacking in most cases, hopefully there will be more of these soon. Also I'm told real audio samples will be available eventually.

CDNOW Probably the biggest stock in the world. Both US releases and some UK imports, though not enough. Also still not enough track listings and real audio samples. Airmail postage & packing ia relatively high.

CDUNIVERSE Stock is a little smaller than CDNOW, but more track listings and more real audio.

Tower Records They have track listings and sometimes real audio samples, but alas not a lot of 60's re-issued soul. They are better with current releases.

The Competition: other soul music sites

Daddy B. Nice's Southern Soul - A site dedicated to today's Southern Soul scene a.k.a the Chittlin' Cicruit - full of information, reviews, and sounds.

Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven John Ridley's site dedicated to deep soul - the artists and the sounds you would not have heard of - and would not have their music on CD's - if it were not for Mr. Ridley.

Soul City Limits Iinformation, links, what's on , real-audio files & a soul radio show table with playlists.

Soul Express Radio Dean Farrell's live webcasting soul station (see the Soul Express site below).

Soul Cellar - A site by Barry "Soul Brother" Fowden - soul collector and radio DJ. Wide coverage of soul - modern & deep. Artists pics, birographies and discographies, reviews and interviews, and home to the soul cellar mailing list.

Oro Negro Spanish site by Alberto Secades: playlists of his radio shows, song lyrics (with Spanish translation), and very comprehensive Soul Calendar (in construction), with births, deaths, and dates of recordings.

The Soul Survivor - UK Not the Canadian magazine but a good, varied, soul site featuring not only Northern Soul but also Motown and Stax/Atlantic mainstream 60's soul. Lots of audio sounds.

Northern Soul Music - Good name for a site eh? and that's just what it is about - with hundreds of real audio straming files - almost as many as there are in my own site!

Soul Walking - Huge site full of soul music past and present, with lots of info and sounds.

Soulville A site by Soul writer and DJ Geroge Reid, featuring playlists of his radio shows, reviews, articles links and more.

La Pelle Nera Excellent Italian site dedicated to rare soul. Not currently broadcasting - but hopefully will be back in the future - an Internet-only radio station broadcasting from England. Mostly contemporary soul, but of most interest to old soul fans was Stuart Russell and Mike Ritson's "Be Cool" Northern Soul show 10PM - 1AM on Wednesday nights (UK time), and there were several other quality soul shows as well.

Soul Shouting Great new soul site, (from the USA this time) dedicated to soulful sounds with real audio of northern soul, soul jazz, rocksteady/reggae, and mod sounds.

Dusties Website Jeff Hofman's homepage - Jeff hosts a 60's/70's R&B radio show in Lynnwoord WA (USA), the site features playlists, an exellent link page, a list of soul originals to pop hits, and a nice photo gallery.

Soul Whirlpool Northern Soul site from Japan: many 45 label scans, some realaudio.

Competition Ain't Nothing Northen Soul: events, reviews, artist biographies, links and more

Both Sides Now Publications Not primarily a soul site, rather a 60's oldies oriented site, but it includes an excellent listing of vinyl LP's with track listing, including most soul labels.

The Soul Review Excellent site by John Ponomarenko, focused on reviews: CD's, books, films, magazines, web sites, all superbly written. Great site for 60's and 70's funk; Over 1000 real audio track albeit just one minute tasters.

Scorchin Soul A great site for real audio soul: over 200 full length soul tracks.

Boogaloo Records I don't normally list dealers, but this site has got a most valuable resource: CD track listings of most UK CD soul reissues (hundreds of them), and of seceral CD's from other countries of origin.

This Old Soul of Mine Dave Barretts's site: articles, images, links, and a real audio jukebox.

The United Soul Club Of America the site for this Northern California US soul club.

Northern Soul Wendy Jervis's Northern Soul site - memories, fave tracks, links.

Blush a 60's soul club, with a good real audio page.

Soul Bro a new Spanish site, looking good!

Gordon Stone's Soul Music Pages reviews, gigs, and interesting material from the archives, e.g classic Dave Godin articles on Blues and Soul. 60's and 70's soul, not just northern.

The Soul Clan Northern Soul in Toronto, Canada. Good real audio page, soul screensavers, what's on, photos, sales list.

French Soul Site a rare & northern soul site by a bunch of soul fanatics from Paris; many pictures, some good discographies and notes about Paris events.

David Nathan's R&B and Soul Web Site the official website for David Nathan, "The British Ambassador Of Soul"!

The Rhythm and Blues Foundation The official site of this US organization the mission of which is "to foster wider recognition, financial support, and historic and cultural preservation of rhythm and blues music and artists of the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's"

Soul City Bernie O'Brien who owns this site promises to make it "one of the premiere places to visit on the web if you are into SOUL music, both Northern Soul, 60ís Soul, 70ís Soul and Modern Soul," welcome aboard to the soul web world, Bernie! Features soundbytes off Richard Searling's radio soul shows on Jazz FM (UK).

In the Base ment- Yet another UK soul publication gets its own web site. This is an excellent soul magazine, of the general deep/modern soul type (a bit like "Voices from the Shadows"), with comprehensive CD review section and just a bit of northern soul coverage.

Soulful Kinda Music - The web site that goes with one of the best UK soul fanzines, by Dave Rimmer.

Gordon Stone's Soul Music Pages - A site from England, with some reviews, gig notices and links. - A band from Baltimore/D.C who are into Soul & Northern Soul.

Munkens Northern Soul Page - A Northern Soul site from Sweden.

Soul Up North The web version of this rare soul magazine.

Southern Soul Web Site GrooveDog's site; Groove moderates the Southern Soul List, to which you are invited if you are a musician or a record collector or just a fan of southern soul music.

Soul Source Mike Hughes's site - sounds, bio's, charts, competitions, reviews, forum, videos and links - this one's almost as good as mine! great job, Mike.

The Soul Agents a homepage for an eight piece Soul band, playing regular for functions and pubs in the UK.

WWRL - 1600 AM The web site for New York's famous r&b radio station, still going at it in a classic soul / gospel format.

Soul Men (And Women Too) French language site by Jean-Do Sallaberry that focuses on the main soul labels of the 60's - Stax Atlantic and Motown, with biographies, and sounds.

Northern Soul Time Yet another new UK Northern Soul site: Eddy's site includes the best what's on I've seen so far on the net, as well as a lot of club reviews, CD reviews, fanzine info, record lists.

The Right Direction New UK Northern Soul site: biogs, news, links, and a massive what's on.

Finger Poppin Soul New Dutch site - biogs, sounds, reviews - the works.

Classic Soul A site from the US - some chat & write ups mainly about 60's soul.

Plezure's Soul A site that contains links to soul and funk on real audio - both current soul and some so-called "old school soul" - including some of my Soul of the Net programs! Also links to some of the urban stations available on the Internet.

Soul Serenade Online An internet version of the Irish soul fanzine. Articles, Irish scene, top tens, record reviews.

The Stax Site Patrick Montier's site is dedicated to the legendary Stax record label... a complete listing of Stax records, both the "Blue" and "Yellow" periods, as well as lots of additional info. Great stuff!

Planet Records I don't normally post links to record dealer's sites, but I'll make an exception for Pete Smith's site... because he's my friend and sort of northern soul advisor to my site. He's got both rare original northern soul records and inexpensive re-issues, and some general non-northern soul too. The site has a label page where you can listen to some of the sounds.

Okeh Joerg Brenner's site dedicated to this great label - history and full discography icluded!

The Rhythm Review Felix Hernandez's page - Felix has a very popular soul/r&b show on Saturday mornings on WBGO, in the NY/New Jersey area, also available on the Internet. I'd say the show is a cross between the overplayed stuff you hear on oldies stations and the rarer stuff that is promoted by this site and other of its type. Which is just about right for a LOT of people, and probably does nore to promote classic soul than any of us.

Our Northern Souls Helen and Paul's Northern Soul pages: tops tens with real audio, their personal Northern Soul history and hopefully more to come. Nice site with a personal touch.

Voices from the Shadows The UK magazine's web site offering subscription and content information plus sales lists

Soul Survivors Nina's site from Spain is sort of Anglo-Spanish and reflects Spain's suprisingly thriving Northern Soul scene. Event reviews, a page for record trades, top sound lists and charts, the beginnings of comprehensive photo archive and more!

Solid Hit Soul Greg Tormo's page: good articles, records for sale, want list, and now he's got plenty of 45's reviewed, with photos and real audio!

The Night Owl Page I've had this link before but I'd like to let you know that this site is growing fast! Now there are more soul stories, a virtual allnighter - audio (including my own bit there) and video clips, an advertisemt clipboard and lots more.

The Soul Express Website Dean Farrell's site - Dean hosts an excellent soul show on WHUS (University of Connecticut in Storrs - that's over in the USA, by the way). The site includes an article about the roots of soul, a comprehensive list of soul originals that have been covered, an extensive section with short biographies of a lot of soul artists, a soul birthday section, playlists and other interesting stuff.

Soul a Go Go is a UK mail order service, but in addition to sales list the site has a lot of valuable information, especially track listings for Goldmine and Kent CD's (albeit partial), events, and you can enter a Northern Soul e-mail discussion list.

Collins Crapo's Oldies Homepgae All types of 60's music, some reviews & lyric links on 60's soul.

Patrick Adams Productions homepage A modern soul producer for the past 25 years. Generally not the type of soul music promoted in these pages, but very interesting reading/listening.

The Night Train Ville Vilen's site - that's the English part, most of it is in Finnish. Night Train is a soul/blues program on Finish national radio. There's a soulful news section, sadly it's a good source for obituaries.

Moveonup Info about Moveonup, which is a regular soul night in Leeds, England, as well as top tens, record shop addresses, links, news etc.

Nobby's Soul on 45 rpm Emphasis on rare soul 45's - excellent discographies, label listings etc.

Miss FunkyFlyy Web Pages This colorful Funk site overlaps Our Music mainly on the early 70's side of it.

The Old Soul Music Home Page UK Northern Soul site. The background pic is Do I Love You by Frank Wilson?... no it isn't, says Glyn, it is Do Like I Do by Kim Weston. But wait a minute, now the backgound has changed to the Wigan Casino Allnighter logo. Looks great!

Do You Believe In Magic A site from Finland with many links to good 60's and 60's soul music pages, including mine.

The R&B Page Fortightly spotlights on R&B artists, 60's and 70's, including RealAudio.

The Ska2Soul Page George Austin' web site for info on 60's Ska and Soul that is available on cd, also record labels, recording artists and much more...

Memphis Guide: Stax Records

Northern Soul Page An excellent site on Northern Soul in Germany, includes audio files

Funky Soul Top Ten This one is from Spain, a soulful top ten with RealAudio!

The Blues and Soul Music Primer A very professional site, biographies, literature, audio.

The Soul Archive

The Otis Redding Website

Otis Redding Site from Brazil

Fame Studios Home Page A wonderful site, a virtual museum of this legendary Muscle Shoals studio + real audio, and the source for the animated icons used in this site.

Record Research

Billboard Magazine

Blues & Soul Magazine

Goldmine Online - Home Page

Mr. Finewine's playlists A great weekly hour long show if you are in the NY/NJ area, full of good rare soul. The newsgroup for soul - not all but some of the correspondence realtes to Our Music.

Soul Artist's Sites

William Bell

Betty Lavette

Might Sam

Back Hom e